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Principal Solutions Consultant - Digital Velocity Solutionsat CDW Careers

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Engineering General
Post Date: 
Aug 24, 2021
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This job posting is no longer active

The Principal Consultant is involved in several projects and helps to define the technical solution for a client, then aligns the project team to the solution helping them get kicked off and moving in the right direction. The principal consultant regularly attends client & project team meetings providing direction & coaching, while making sure the project is on track regarding technical scope, cost and timeline. The principal consultant serves as a point of escalation for technical issues for the client & the project team. The principal consultant solves problems in a way that considers things outside of just the application domain and things of technical problem solutions using cloud tools, external api’s, client knowledge and skill sets, client software & product portfolios as well as technology adoption and deployment roadmaps. The principal consultant must further consider a clients capability to own a project after deployment and project completion.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Design and develop software architecture projects based on customer specifications
  • Provide support in developing new product lines and upgrading existing products
  • Coordinate with the project development teams in defining project scope and approaches
  • Coordinate with the software development team in developing and implementing software applications
  • Propose most effective architectural solutions to meet cost, quality and schedule requirements
  • Mentor team members when required to ensure quality and productivity
  • Work with the project team to design prototypes to validate application functionality.
  • Assist Managers in analyzing project requirements and project designs
  • Participate in design, code and test plan reviews as needed and provide appropriate recommendations
  • Analyze software issues and recommend workaround solutions
  • Develop best practices to ensure software functionality, usability, reliability and availability
  • Respond to client queries and concerns professionally and build positive customer relationships
  • Attend industry conferences, meetings, presentations to represent the company
  • Assist in development of design documents, white papers, training documents and software architectural documents
  • Conduct regular team meetings and one-on-one sessions to share new ideas
  • Speak to clients during the pre sales motion, identifying places where we can help and articulating our approach in a way that best makes sense to the client audience
  • Lead workshop sessions
  • Develop content for client workshops, representing our opinion regarding their solution


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience and knowledge


  • 20+ Years Software Engineering
  • Experience with architectural design recommendation and guidance
  • Proven experience leading engineering teams in an Agile/Scrum environment
  • Software development experience building enterprise SaaS cloud-based solutions
  • Demonstrated experience leading the design, development, delivery and maintenance of large scale and high-performance platforms
  • Knowledge of release management and deployment workflow processes, from development release through production deployment
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with a proven ability to build productive cross-departmental relationships and motivate team members. Positive, can-do attitude and value collaboration a must
  • Expertise with object-oriented code, scripting, and infrastructure as code
  • Experience leading software engineering organizations
  • Technical expertise that enables meaningful conversations with product architects & engineers

Required qualifications

  • Experience in developing relationships as a trusted advisor and becoming a strategic partner to help clients reach their goals
  • Experience writing code for applications using cloud native design and in-depth knowledge of software design patterns
  • Experience fully developing automated delivery pipelines, agile delivery and test-driven development
  • Proficient creating hybrid cloud solutions using things like API server, message queues, db’s, file storage, containers, & microservices
  • Experience debugging large components with limited assistance and assisting other engineers with debugging
  • Experience performing as an expert in all parts of the software lifecycle (e.g., coding, testing, deployment)
  • Experience designing and developing practical API contracts, APIs, and abstractions.
  • Ability to work directly with business stakeholders, and take ownership of technical communications
  • Track record of decisions showing a focus on current and future business priorities, together with fiscal responsibility
  • Experience keeping project within scope and efforts are aimed at the outcome defined in the Statement of Work

Technical Skills & Expertise

  • Terraform HCL v0.13+, JSON
  • Powershell v5+, Bash v4+
  • Azure and Azure DevOps Programmability
    • Azure CLI
    • Terraform
  • Azure Cloud
    • Subscriptions
    • Policy Management
    • Resource Groups
    • Networking
    • Azure IaaS and PaaS
    • AKS
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure RBAC
  • Azure DevOps
    • Organizational Management
    • Project Management
    • Boards
    • Repositories, Repository Permissions and Branch Policies
    • Pipelines
    • Variables
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
    • Templating, Modularity and Reusability
    • Idempotency
    • Declarative vs. Imperative
    • Provisioners vs. Configuration Management
  • Pipeline Engineering (CICD)
    • Tooling & Automation: Source, Build/Test/Scan, Artifacts, Deploy
    • Application Boundaries
    • Environments, Lifecycles, and Release Orchestration
    • Reusables Steps & Scripting
  • Containers and Related Practices
  • Web Services and serialization, XML, JSON, SOAP, REST
  • Integration Testing, Unit Testing, Using Mock Objects
  • Cloud Native Design Patterns
  • Scalability, Resiliency, High-Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Logging, Monitoring, Performance Tuning and Profiling

Physical Demands (Travel, etc.)

  • Available to solve critical issues as necessary
  • Occasional travel required (20%)
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