Benefits of Working at CDW

CDW understands managing your work and personal life is a balancing act. We want to make sure coworkers have access to the best tools to be successful in the workplace and at home.

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CDW's rewards package is terrific. CDW goes above and beyond to ensure little perks, medical benefits, rewards, and similar programs are readily at our disposal.

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CDW's tuition reimbursement program made going back to school financially viable for me and my family. The direct support I received from my management team throughout the process of completing my degree reinforced that the decision to finish my education was the right one.

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I love that CDW gives back to the community. I like the community service day and volunteer options, such as big brothers / big sisters and junior achievement, the July children's fund, the 5 k's, the make-a-wish sponsorship. I like that these are options and that CDW cares enough to do these things.