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The Calm in the Eye of the Storm

October 29, 2020   |  

Claire Ivory 

is CDW’s Coworker of the Year

“It’s been a bit of a rocky road lately.”   

So much has already changed since last year’s Coworkers of the Month gathered this past February to select CDW’s 2019 Coworker of the Year, Claire Ivory, Senior Manager of Sales Operations in our Chicago office. But it was an afternoon she’ll never forget.  

“It was extremely impactful and humbling being with coworkers around the country that day who I don’t normally see or work with,” Claire recalls. “In Sales Operations, we have such a unique view of the business and it’s an exciting and ever-changing place to work. I’m standing right in the center and all around me are our sellers, our customers, the partner community and our incredibly hard-working backbone departments.”  

Last May, Claire was promoted to Senior Manager, and with the move came the added responsibility of overseeing 100+ sales operations coworkers. It was an advancement she had been looking forward to. But it was her performance during her transition to senior manager that earned Claire Coworker of the Month honors that June.  

“When you go from one leadership role to another, there’s always going to be some overlap,” she says.  

However, in this instance, Claire had assumed her new role before her successor as sales operations manager on the West team had been named, and she was faced with interviewing and filling five sales operations manager vacancies while juggling the day-to-day responsibilities of her new and previous role.  

In her current role, Claire leads the Sales Operations organization across Corporate Territory, Public and Small Business. Her role also has a strong emphasis on coworker and career development, improving efficiencies through process improvement initiatives and helping support and drive various go-to-market strategies.

"She is so reliable under pressure and ridiculously smart that it’s scary to think we might start losing track of all of the miracles she is able to help pull off," says a coworker close to her.

Claire is a graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing. She currently serves on the Pan Asian Council leadership team and the Junior Achievement–Chicago volunteer group. She resides in downtown Chicago with her husband and enjoys running half marathons and exploring the city in her free time (pre-COVID).

- CDW Team

Claire Ivory is CDW’s Coworker of the Year “It’s been a bit of a rocky road lately.”   So much has already changed...

Belonging. IT Matters. with Suhail Tariq

October 27, 2020   |  

CDW continues its journey of belonging and working towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. This week, we're highlighting the unique perspectives of Suhail Tariq (he/him/his).

Describe your full, authentic self.

Hi, I'm Suhail and I'm a sales operation supervisor at CDW. I support the K-12 Texas team. They're an awesome and hardworking team. It is both a privilege and an honor to support them.

Throughout my life, I've been fighting to be an authentic individual. Growing up around the world, living in a lot of countries, I was always categorized and pigeonholed. I was told that I couldn't do X, Y, Z because I'm disabled, of South Asian descent, or I was a foreigner. It took many, many years for me to realize that I am indeed an individual and an authentic individual. Today, I'm a father of two young men. I work in a job that I love, working with people that encourage me in my role, rather than impede me. I love being able to contribute to my job and to my family.

What has to happen for you to feel that you can bring your full, authentic self to work?

I need an environment that feels safe, where there's support and respect. I want to be considered for different opportunities, where I can provide different perspectives because of my background and experiences.

We all like to be appreciated for who we are, the uniqueness that we bring, the authenticity. We're all humans, we're all different, but we're all special.

Why does belonging matter? 

There was a time in the mid-seventies when I was living in the Persian Gulf area as an eight-year-old of South Asian descent, living in a country where people didn't really understand that. I felt like I didn't belong there. I didn't speak the language, I wasn't of the same ethnicity, wasn't the same religion. That really made me feel different and uncomfortable, but it also taught me a lot on the flip side. Going to an international school where everybody was from everywhere else - Westerners, South Asians, far Easterners - we were all foreigners in a foreign country. But I also felt like I didn't belong there because of my disability; kids would make fun of me and I felt out of place. The reason why belonging really, truly matters is because we all like to be appreciated for who we are, the uniqueness that we bring, the authenticity. We're all humans, we're all different, but we're all special.

What's one of CDW's values that you feel most resonates with you?

The fact that management at all levels are invested in the well-being of all associates, whether it be professional or personal.

What does life look like outside of the office for you?

Family of four and a husky. Dealing with teenagers and getting them ready for university. Adventurous and fun times!

What three words would you use to describe #LifeAtCDW?

Abundance of opportunities.

- Suhail Tariq

CDW continues its journey of belonging and working towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. This week,...

Belonging. IT Matters. with Yakira Love

October 20, 2020   |  

As CDW continues its journey of belonging and working towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace, we’re highlighting the unique perspectives and voices of our coworkers. Meet Yakira Love (she/her/hers).

Describe your full, authentic self.

My name is Yakira Love. I'm a black female sales representative, and I am passionate about cooking, real estate, and trying to bridge the economic and financial gap that African American and black communities have suffered.

Why does belonging matter?

I think that belonging really matters because it lets coworkers know that you’re valued, you're important. Your experiences, your perspective, your background, is valued, and it's just as important as anyone else’s. You belong here.

I'm bringing something no one else can say they've had at any other company. I'm bringing Yakira Love.

What happens when you feel free to bring your whole authentic self to work?

When I'm bringing my true, authentic self to work, I'm bringing something no one else can say they've had at any other company. I'm bringing Yakira Love. There's not another one in the world. If we all can bring our unique and different backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions, we can bring something that no other company has: ourselves. We can come together and collaborate and bring new and creative ideas. Who knows what we will accomplish if we could bring our real selves to work?

What's one of CDW's values that you feel most resonates with you?

The CDW value that resonates with me the most is “We listen.” Through the continuous trials and tribulations of BLM and events going on around the world, CDW has made an effort to listen and make their minority coworkers feel heard. Instead of giving generic responses, “We listen” and take notes.

What does life look like outside of the office for you?

Outside of the office, I am a daughter, older sister, and a pet mother to my dog Bailee. I try to find different ways to give back and make a difference in my community. I volunteer within my neighborhood feeding the homeless as well as mentoring children that went to my high school. I also want to prevent the further displacement of people in my community into poverty-stricken areas, so I recently obtained my Realtors license to “buy back the block”. I have a passion for interior design and if I can help provide homes for people less fortunate it will help me continue to pour into my community.

What three words would you use to describe #LifeAtCDW?

Open to change.

- Yakira Love

As CDW continues its journey of belonging and working towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace, we’re...

Preparing for Virtual Events

October 8, 2020   |  

Back to school is in full swing! This year looks very different compared to previous with virtual classes, virtual events, eLearning, and so much more taking place vs our “normal” in-person environment. While virtual events, career fairs and interviews can seem intimidating, there are a few things you can do to be successful in this new environment. Below are a few tips that you, as a job seeker, can do to set yourself apart from others.

Before the virtual event:

  • Do extensive research on both the company and position that you are applying for. This is one of the most common mistakes, yet one of the easiest things to do prior to interacting with a recruiter or hiring manager. We do not expect you to be an expert on the company or role but having a general understanding of these topics is imperative.

  • Update your resume and/or your profile on the platform you will be using for the event. 

  • Prepare your elevator pitch and any talking points you may want to reference during your conversation.

  • Charge your equipment. It might sound silly, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who forget to charge their laptop or tablet prior to an interview.

  • Test your technology and log into the interview platform the day before to ensure you understand how it works.

  • Dress the part (wearing business professional attire) and ensure the background is clean, quiet, and distraction-free.

  • Arrive early. Aim to arrive 15 minutes early to the virtual event to ensure that you are not experiencing technical difficulties.

Alright, it’s time for the virtual event… what now?

During the event:

Prepare for the conversation. Have a copy of your resume and any notes you may want to reference throughout the conversation.

Stay hydrated. Have a glass of water next to you. These conversations can be nerve-wracking and if you’re anything like me, your voice may start to crack during the conversation. Taking a break to sip your water can make all the difference.

Be yourself. Talking to someone who isn’t with you can feel strange, but it will get easier as you continue to have these virtual conversations. Ensure you’re using the same volume, tone, and body language that you would use in person. Today’s technology does not require one to shout into the mic or get super close to the camera. Sounds silly, right? Trust me, people do it.

Ask questions. Closeout with any questions you have and ask for contact info – follow-up is an absolute must. Sending a message through LinkedIn or email thanking that person for their time and asking next steps can make a difference.

While virtual events, career fairs and interviews may be different, there are also a few things that remain consistent in any job search.

Be patient.

Everyone is trying to learn what this new world will look like and some are more ahead than others. It is important to remember that you too were once in that person’s shoes trying to navigate the virtual world.

Leverage connections.

While you may not see your faculty or mentors in person, they are still great resources that can be pretty connected in communities and industries that you may be interested in…leverage them! These people want to help you.

Lastly, think of these conversations as a two-way street.

You are interviewing these individuals just as much as they are interviewing you. It is important to keep that in mind because like starting a course with a professor who might not be your favorite, starting an internship or job for a company that doesn’t align with your values is not ideal.

- Brian Pospishil

Back to school is in full swing! This year looks very different compared to previous with virtual classes, virtual events,...

Stand Out in Your Job Search

October 5, 2020   |  

Seeking a job right now? What steps are you taking outside of ‘updating my resume’? Below are a few tips and questions to ask yourself to get started.

Take Inventory.

Most of us don’t do this on a regular basis: Acknowledge what we have accomplished and where we have room to grow. It can be eye opening and, sometimes, be tough to see. Look back on your mistakes and ask yourself what you learned and what you would do differently. Also take some time to assess your strengths, values and interests.

After doing some self-reflection, write down your comments and specific examples. Use that information to help you focus your career search and prepare for interviews down the road. Once you know what you want, make a list of the companies and types of positions you’re interested in pursuing.

Set Goals.

I strongly suggest a daily goal list. Number of calls you’re going to make, number of people you are going to email and the number of jobs you are going to apply for. It might look like this: 7 calls, 12 emails, 4 applications

Searching for a job can be exhausting and discouraging at times but focusing on achieving daily goals can help you stay on track.

Update Your Resume.

Consider having your resume professionally looked at by a writing service or recruiters. This is your “get in the door” document and will either have you moving forward or thrown into the waste pile. A good resume should be customized for each position and highlight specific skills and keywords that match the job description. Make sure the information on your LinkedIn profile and resume are aligned.

Create Connections.

Another thing you can do is connect with people and ask for help. Reach out to people you know such as friends, family and former colleagues and finds ways to expand your network. Then ask for help in these areas:

  • Introductions to people working at your target companies

  • Mock interviews to get feedback

  • Informational interviews with people working in a field that interests you

Make an Impact and Expand Your Brand.

One of the best ways to become more valuable in your career is to make an impact by mentoring or helping others. Why is this a good idea? It separates you from others and provides talking points beyond the job description which, in turn, makes you more valuable to an organization.

Impacting others also grants you more opportunities to gain professional experience and build your brand.

  • Write about your area of expertise on your personal blog or on LinkedIn

  • Join professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Share links to articles, examples of your own work and ask and answer questions.  

  • Volunteer in your local community or join a nonprofit board to sharpen your skills and expand your network

  • Identify speaking opportunities to demonstrate your thought leadership

Create a Business Plan.

When you are interviewing, set yourself apart by creating a business plan. This shows you are willing to take a risk. Components of a great business plan are: 

  1. A mission statement of who you are and how you will make an impact
  2. What you can bring to the position. This highlights your experience like your “greatest hits” from your resume.
  3. A 90-day plan in the new role. Consider breaking it down by week and month to show the impact you can make.
  • Outline trainings or certifications you will complete and target dates

  • Share creative ideas

  • Schedule monthly check-ins with your boss

  • Progress and process improvements to make you more effective along the way

You’ll need to know your business plan thoroughly so you can talk to how your experience will make you a great fit for the role.

Whether you’re seeking a new job or you’re looking to grow your career, hopefully these tips help you gain confidence, set yourself apart from other candidates and land a new job.

- Chris Coughlin

Seeking a job right now? What steps are you taking outside of ‘updating my resume’? Below are a few tips and questions to...

Leveraging Our Differences

September 22, 2020   |  

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we caught up with Nicole Scharrenberg, Director of Talent Acquisition at CDW and a proud first-generation Cuban-American. She credits her extensive travel and study abroad experiences in many Hispanic countries for teaching her how to connect deeply with people, understand their cultural roots, and discover commonalities. 

Read on to learn more about how she continues to lead by connecting and leveraging the differences that make each individual unique on her team.

What traits have you pulled from your cultural foundation to be successful in your career?

As the daughter of immigrant parents, you are taught to see opportunity in everything. Having come from nothing and having to rebuild a better life not only for themselves but for their family, I heard stories of how my parents seized every moment to learn, grow, and prosper. You see the world through a lens of opportunity all around you. 

Do you feel that you’ve had to overcome any challenges as a Hispanic female?

When I first joined CDW 22 years ago as an individual contributor, there were not a lot of Hispanic leaders and I knew that I wanted to get into leadership someday. I worked hard, established my brand, and connected with a network of leaders and mentors throughout the organization that helped advocate for me. They became trusted advisors and my sounding board. They gave me tough feedback to help me grow and helped build my confidence along the way. I owe a lot to those leaders and mentors who saw something in me, especially at the beginning of my career when I may not have seen it so clearly myself.

How does your cultural background shape your perspective as a leader?

Leaders are in a position to make decisions on talent that can influence which coworkers participate in projects that provide exposure. I want to ensure that we have a diverse population of coworkers represented.  

As leaders, it is important to establish networks and make connections to help build a strong, diverse team at CDW. We also need to create an environment where coworkers can be themselves and where they feel safe to speak up. An environment where we can celebrate our differences and what makes us all unique. 

When hiring for a team, I look for people who are different than me, with different skillsets and different ways of thinking and working. When I bring the team together, I acknowledge their strengths and opportunities and provide a platform to reach their full potential. This can be very impactful and lead to a high-performing team.

What career advice would you share with others?

The career advice I would offer is to get involved and expand your network. Connections can open doors to new opportunities you may not know exist.

Take on opportunities to expand your experiences, even if it gets you outside of your comfort zone. Ask for feedback and be open to it. Feedback is a gift and what you do with that feedback will help shape how you show up, how you build your brand, how your work is viewed, and how you grow your career.

Nicole Scharrenberg

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we caught up with Nicole Scharrenberg, Director of Talent Acquisition at CDW and a...

CDW's Emerging Leaders Program 2020

August 18, 2020   |  

Nearly 100 coworkers from the U.S., Canada & the U.K. participated in CDW’s 2019-2020 Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) to drive solutions for key business issues. Participants were nominated or interviewed by their function’s senior leaders to be selected for the program.

Last October, the Emerging Leaders were divided into 16 cross-functional teams, each guided by a Director/Sr. Manager sponsor. Teams attended development sessions and worked with key stakeholders as they solved their business challenge. During the program, participants sharpened their skills in communication, problem solving, relationship building and project management. All teams closed out their projects by delivering their final recommendations to an audience of CDW senior leaders in July.

ELP is just one of the ways that CDW focuses on developing talent by assisting coworkers to better position themselves to advance their careers and transition into leadership roles at CDW.

We asked some of this year’s participants to share their experiences. Here’s what they had to say:

"The Emerging Leaders Program resets your perspective and allows you to see the diverse business units, people, and processes that sustain and grow CDW. ELP helps one to pause and ask more questions to gauge intent and historical context to make better decisions and communicate more effectively."
– Brittany, Sales

"I learned the value of teamwork and the importance of individuals contributing to the pool of ideas in a diverse team. My team members' different perspectives based on their role in company, tenure, and background helped in refining our approach to the solution by challenging each other's perspective and better collaborating."
– Adrian, ITS

"I was able to stretch outside of my area of expertise and challenge myself in solving for a complex and critical business issue, making a long-term impact for CDW moving forward."
– Faiz, Coworker Services Canada

Congratulations to all teams on their versatility, focus and virtual executive presence this year!

CDW Team

Nearly 100 coworkers from the U.S., Canada & the U.K. participated in CDW’s 2019-2020 Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) to...

Lucky 13: Why I'm Thankful to Be a CDW Coworker

August 10, 2020   |  

If you would have told me that my 13-year anniversary at CDW would be spent working from home full-time during a global pandemic, I would have not believed you. I work from home (WFH) full-time for my role, so that's not a stretch, but I never would have believed the global pandemic part.

Yet here we are. We're in the thick of COVID-19. We're being asked by our state, local and federal government leaders to practice social distancing and step up our hygiene game. Many offices are closed and our new normal is seeing and hearing each other through virtual meetings instead of shaking hands and enjoying conversations in-person.

While there are a lot of unknowns happening in our world right now, my fellow coworkers remind me of why I have stayed at CDW for 13 years. It is their willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. It's also their ability to support each other through thick and thin.

Our customers have been and will continue to look to us to help them weather this global storm. They need to:

At CDW, everything we do revolves around our customers. It is the foundation of our company's culture. No matter where we work within our organization, our goal is to meet our customers' needs.

Our coworkers have stepped their game up for our customers. It's amazing to see and hear stories of how they are going above and beyond to make our customers requests a reality. None of this surprises me because it truly is the CDW Way.

What continues to amaze me, and is the core reason why I am so loyal to CDW, is how all of our coworkers are supporting each other during this unprecedented time. Our executive leadership shares constant communication with all coworkers on a consistent basis. From logistical and industry updates to sharing best practices and words of encouragement, it's clear that our leadership is invested in the mental and emotional well-being of our coworkers.

So why have I stayed at CDW for the past 13 years? It's all of the reasons above and more. I'm so blessed to call myself a CDW coworker. The reasons I shared in my 10-year anniversary still ring true to this day. To see all of us rise up, not only to support each other, but to meet the needs of our customers during the COVID-19 crisis, is something that I will always remember. We are CDW.


Jessica Longly

If you would have told me that my 13-year anniversary at CDW would be spent working from home full-time during a global...

This is #LifeAtCDW

July 27, 2020   |  

Here at CDW, we strive to cultivate an inclusive, collaborative, coworker-centric culture that encourages all coworkers to be their authentic selves and do their best work. We’re a unified team of diverse thinkers and problem solvers, driven by our desire to deliver excellence every day and drive CDW’s success.

That’s what #LifeAtCDW is all about – the feeling of pride, passion, opportunity and belonging at CDW. It’s our commitment to success, raising the bar and going the extra mile. We asked a few coworkers what their favorite thing about working at CDW is, how they make an impact and how they describe #LifeAtCDW. Read their stories.


Hope, Sales Manager

Describe what you do in one sentence.
I am a District Sales Manager covering Colleges & Universities in the Northwest Region.

How does your role make an impact?
As a Sales Manager, I constantly coach and develop my team to become the best version of themselves whether that's being a ROCKSTAR Account Manager or even help them get to the next level in their career goals.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDW?
My favorite thing about working at CDW is the people. I have made some life long friends since working here the last 8.5 years. I have also met mentors along the way that have helped shape me into the individual I am today.

What does life look like outside of the office for you?
Outside the office, I enjoy trying new restaurants in the great city of Chicago. I also enjoy traveling not only locally but looking to go somewhere international again. While I am not married or have kids at this point in my life, I mentor a sweet 10 year old girl named Cushira through a great mentoring program, Horizons for Youth. After 5+ years being together, I truly consider her a little sister.

What three words would you use to describe #LifeAtCDW?
Strong, Connected & Innovative

Duke, Manager, Data Center Solutions

Describe what you do in one sentence.
I lead a team of inside and field Data Center Solution Architects for Mid America.

How does your role make an impact?
By leading a team of some of the brightest architects in the business, we are able to bring data center solutions to our clients effectively and efficiently so that they can take care of their customers the best way possible.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDW?
The people. Our coworkers make CDW one of the best places to work. The thoughtfulness, dedication and can-do attitude that everyone has really makes this place like no other.

What does life look like outside of the office for you?
Outside of work I have three daughters that keep me super busy. Between getting them spun up on Star Wars and Marvel movies, we like to go for bike rides, play music and bake cookies. Once the weather gets a bit nicer we'll be able to resume our fishing outings where they'll all get to brag how they caught more fish than me!

What three words would you use to describe #LifeAtCDW?
Fun, Family & Rewarding

Nina, Talent Aquisition Technology, Process, and Operations Specialist

Describe what you do in one sentence.
I am a go-to for numerous Talent Acquisition (TA) questions and system needs, a liaison with our TA technology partners, and also help manage projects that help enhance TA’s technology landscape.

How does your role make an impact?
I help play a part in completing many initiatives that support TA's continuous evolution towards greater efficiency, improved candidate and recruiter experience, and internal technological advancements. Beyond these projects I help with any day‐to‐day support needs requested by our TA team.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDW?
CDW's innovation and culture are what originally enticed me to join the company three years ago. Everyone I've encountered here at CDW is extremely passionate about the work they do, which encourages and motivates me every day!

What does life look like outside of the office for you?
I'm married to Ryan, my hubby of 15 years. I also have two children, Kailee (12) and Connor (10). I'm a homebody and love hanging out with close friends around a fire (pre-Covid!), trying new restaurants, and working on projects around the house (or watching my husband complete them). Throw in some trash tv and a cocktail for good measure!

What three words would you use to describe #LifeAtCDW?
Innovative, Encouraging & Passionate

Quinton, Sales Manager

Describe what you do in one sentence.
I lead a Small Business Sales Team focused on servicing the IT needs of customers in our Ohio Valley Territory.

How does your role make an impact?
How companies leverage technology has become a huge competitive advantage in today's business landscape. The performance and reliability of that Business Critical application may be the difference between our customers' winning or losing a new customer of their own. My team helps companies gain that competitive advantage. I help my team gain their competitive advantage.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDW?
Having been here nearly 20 years, I've developed some of my best relationships within this company. I met my wife while working here, I had both my children while working here and when I fell upon some unexpected health challenges a couple years ago, I received an outpouring of support from employees at all levels within the organization. CDW has become my extended family.

What does life look like outside of the office for you?
My wife of 16 years, Barbara, and I spend a large amount of time being the biggest volleyball fans/Uber drivers to our 2 teenage daughters. Their competitions have taken us all around the country and we've enjoyed every minute.

What three words would you use to describe #LifeAtCDW?
Challenging, Fun & Transformative

Amy, Information Security Engineer

Describe what you do in one sentence.
I'm an Information Security Engineer.

How does your role make an impact?
My role makes an impact by improving the security of CDW's information, infrastructure and coworkers. With technology there's always the challenge of how to safely implement new solutions and keep existing ones protected in an evolving security landscape. I work with my team to monitor and defend the CDW environment.

What is your favorite thing about working at CDW?
The culture and people. We have an amazing group of coworkers.

What three words would you use to describe #LifeAtCDW?
Fun, Fast-paced & Inclusive


If CDW sounds like a place for you, view our career opportunities.

CDW Coworkers

Here at CDW, we strive to cultivate an inclusive, collaborative, coworker-centric culture that encourages all coworkers to...

I Am CDW - LGBTQ Community at CDW

June 24, 2020   |  



This month, CDW’s BRAVE BRG is hosting a number of virtual events to celebrate Pride, focusing on the topics of communication, community and understanding. One of the highlights was a panel on the topic of the LGBTQ community at CDW. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from three members of BRAVE (Kaneko Ceh, Candace Farmer and Travis Rickert) as they shared their personal stories when answering questions from moderator Maureen McDermott.

Here are some highlights from the conversation.

What does community mean to you?

 I found a definition in the dictionary, which really resonated with me. It says community is a feeling of fellowship with others so far as common attitudes, ideals, and goals. When I think about my labels, things such as a Japanese (Asian) American woman, a single mom, all these things might not seem very significant or impactful, but when it's through the perspective of my community, suddenly those words are incredibly powerful. They fill me with pride and, I consider them an actual privilege. 

Community is all about acceptance and being an ally for those that don't identify specifically like you. I'm not a lesbian, I'm not a trans, I don't know the struggles and fight that those individuals have to deal with. So being part of this community is really showing that support and allyship on my end.  So we can come together, have great support, great debates, and help move that needle forward, even if it is only a foot.

Do you think that authenticity helps CDW build our coworker community?
Why and how?

Not being authentic is a disadvantage. It's a disadvantage to you as an individual and to everybody around you. They have no idea how to approach you, how to look up to you, what to say. I don't think I was authentic the first, 10, 12 years of my career. I was the only person in the office that even looked like me. All I did was come to work to work. I met friends by default. I didn't even try to reach out to people because I felt so different. But looking back at that, I wished that I would've done it a different way.

I say to people now, you have to be your authentic self. For one it's a lot more accepted. It’s so important just to be you because you can do your best. You're more productive, you make more friends, you can communicate better and you just feel good about yourself when you can be you.

Candace hit it right on the head. It is really important for us every day to bring your authentic, genuine self. One of the golden rules about sales is that you should sell the way that you like to be sold, and people buy from people who like them. When you're able to be genuinely yourself in the aspect of selling, you make that further humanistic connection with people. More often than not, when I've shared the story of my child transitioning, I've received more shared stories from parents in return.

I think by us bringing our authentic and genuine self to the office, we develop our own community even in the office and it's a beautiful tapestry of humanity.

From the day I interviewed 10 years ago here, I never felt that I could not be my authentic self. And I've been in interviews where I'm like, “Oh, I can't say I have a partner. I can't say that I'm gay”. But when it came to CDW, I never felt that. And that was a big relief for me because for the first 25 years of my life, I could not be my authentic self. Having that freedom and being my authentic self here, I think not only helps me personally, but I think it has helped the coworker community in the Madison area. I think that vulnerability is really what has helped me continue to be successful here within the company.

What can people do to support the LGBTQ community?

Ask how can I be supportive? What can I do to listen and understand where this community comes from? Say, “Hey, I don't know”. And that is okay, right? None of us are perfect. None of us have the answers, but if we show that vulnerability to seek the answers together, that's really, what helps that support.

It actually starts here. CDW can't change the world. CDW can help change the world and it starts small. We do small things. Have that listening ear and be bold. We pride ourselves on being bold. So ask questions, get uncomfortable.

At CDW, we’re proud to be bold, ask questions and celebrate Pride with our LGBTQ community. We are committed to cultivating an environment of equal belonging and inclusion, where all coworkers can be their unique, authentic selves.

As Maureen McDermott says, “change happens when we work together, when we have our community with us. We need our communities. They provide strength, they provide support, they look out for one another. They help us to navigate these times inside and outside of CDW's walls so we can get to a better tomorrow together.”

Learn more about CDW's Diversity & Inclusion efforts here.


CDW Coworkers

  This month, CDW’s BRAVE BRG is hosting a number of virtual events to celebrate Pride, focusing on the topics of...

On Fridays, We Wear Red

May 21, 2020   |  

May is Military Appreciation Month, a chance to celebrate and thank our active service members and veterans, as well as the spouses and families that support them.  This year, our Military & Allies Resource Council (MARC) BRG is kicking off R.E.D. (Remember Everyone Deployed) Fridays. CDW coworker Andy Gorski led the initiative.

Regional Manager - Healthcare

I’ve always been very patriotic and in awe of our military.  However, my love for “those who serve” went to a whole new level when my son enlisted in the US Army and headed to boot camp last July.  Over the past ten months, I’ve learned a great deal about the sacrifices those who serve and their families make every day.  I learned about RED Fridays from the Fort Benning support group, which is made up of military parents and spouses who help new military families like mine understand what is happening and why.  RED stands for “Remember Everyone Deployed” and wearing red on Fridays helps to recognize those who have and are serving.  From the first time we heard about RED Fridays, my wife Paula and I have worn red every Friday. 

When I joined MARC last year, I put together an outline for CDW to support RED Fridays and my idea was met with excitement and support from my MARC teammates.  Over the past few months, we’ve gotten incredible support from Coworker Services, Talent Acquisition and Marketing to help launch this. 

It makes me proud of our company to see us recognize, remember and celebrate those who have and currently serve.  CDW has current coworkers who are deployed around the world, so I’m hopeful that they hear about this and know we’re thinking of them. 

CDW partnered with to produce the official CDW RED Fridays shirts. is a great organization that helps and encourages wounded warriors to compete in sports.   Read on to learn why participating in RED Fridays is important to our coworkers and hear some of their favorite memories with MARC.


Director - Software Solutions

What do RED Fridays mean to you?  It reminds me to recognize the ones that sacrifice to help protect and serve our country, and of my father who served in the Army as a MP.








Field Solutions Architect - Collaboration
Retired, US Marine Corps

What do RED Fridays mean to you?  I remember the times I was deployed. Sometimes to some very isolated places.  It’s amazing how the smallest thing like a letter, email, or just knowing that people back home know you’re out there can mean so much.  It’s important to always remember and acknowledge the men and women that are from home getting the job done.




Sr. Manager - Small Business Marketing

What do RED Fridays mean to you?  It is a great reminder to think of those service members that are currently deployed.  It gives me a way to show my support for those service members who are protecting our freedoms and way of life.


What is your favorite MARC memory?  Having our virtual lunches where we get to learn about all members and have some time together.






Manager - Configuration Center
US Navy, 1996-2007

What is your favorite MARC memory? I started out as a contractor at CDW. One of my earliest supervisors was an Army Vet and in the MARC group. He knew that I had a lot of underutilized talent, and he told me CDW was a large supporter of the military and discussed all that the company stood for. His words about the culture and always being dependable for his promises convinced me to stay, and once hired I joined MARC. Many promotions and a lot of hard work later I am currently a manager for the department and a proud supporter of the CDW way. 


Bid Desk Manager, Bid Program Management Team

What is your favorite MARC memory?  I am so proud to be a part of this amazing BRG! I have been a member of MARC for a little under a year and was introduced to many members during the Fort2Base event. It was so fun supporting the runners, cheering them on, and representing MARC and CDW!





CDW Coworkers

May is Military Appreciation Month, a chance to celebrate and thank our active service members and veterans, as well as the...

How to Nail Your Next Video Interview

April 6, 2020   |  

Organizations are always looking for ways to streamline hiring processes and attract more candidates. While the digital era has introduced several new technologies to hiring managers, video interviewing is rising to the top as one of the better ways to improve interview scheduling and speed up the process.

There are two types of video interviews. One type is a live video (or two-way video) interview, where you join a video conference and speak with an interviewer in real time. The other type is a pre-recorded video (or one-way video or on-demand video) interview, where you respond to pre-recorded questions and submit to the employer for review.

So, how can you succeed in a video interview?

Dress the part.
Just because you are home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress like you are going to the office. Use your best judgement and follow the interview guide from CDW for help deciding.

Prepare your environment.
Make sure you are interviewing in a space with a clean background that’s free from distractions.

Be yourself.
Although it might feel unnatural speaking into a camera and microphone, do your best to be yourself. That means paying attention to body language, tone and volume.

Make sure your technology is working properly.
Be sure to use a microphone and camera with good quality so your interviewer can hear and see you. Avoid poorly lit spaces or loud areas.

Keep your technology fully charged.
In some cases, if something goes wrong with your technology during a video interview, you are unable to restart the process from the beginning.


Keep in mind that the goal of a video interview is the same as a regular interview, so you should prepare just like you would for an in-person interview. You should still do thorough research on a company’s culture, the role and their leadership prior to completing your virtual interview to improve your chances of landing the job. 

Click here to learn more about careers at CDW.

CDW Team

Organizations are always looking for ways to streamline hiring processes and attract more candidates. While the digital era...

WE GET Working From Home

March 31, 2020   |  

As we continue to understand the impact of the changes in the world, many companies have moved their workforce to a work-from-home model and this is the case for many CDW coworkers. Here are a few stories from our coworkers about what they are doing to stay positive, productive and happy in a time of uncertainty.

Manager, Data Center Solutions

The Data Center Leadership team had a “Virtual Happy Hour." It was a way for us to break up the week and recollect ourselves from all the sudden change with our environment, have some laughs and decompress. We jumped on a WebEx and engaged in a conversation as if we were at a happy hour. We started off with three trivia questions. It was a way for us leaders to get together and simply reconnect.


Consultancy Manager, Networking and Security (UK)

Being mindful that working from home does not mean you are glued to a desk of some sort and confined to those four walls – looking after your mental health is critical. Be it team calls with your colleagues that are not work related and instead are encouraging (something I do for my team) or connecting with your friends and family who are experiencing the same circumstances. For me ultimately, I’m blessed with having my dog, Elvis, in my life. Going out for a walk throughout the day is not only good for him but also helps me clear my mind and not feel so restricted. Elvis is my escape and I believe people should find what their “Elvis” is and use it for a better state of mind and to help put things in perspective.





Director, Product & Partner Management

Keeping it fun and staying connected during our first week of working from home. Adding a special touch including: bow tie Wednesday, happy hat Friday and a virtual happy hour to catch up and visit.





Director, Product & Partner Management

I identified the tools I had available to me to keep my workdays productive. I have my notebook, display, headset, cell phone, network access, collaboration tools, and a good old pen and paper. I am lucky enough to have a desk to work at (even though it’s in the basement). I set up my workspace similar to how I have it in the office, and it helped me immediately get into the work mindset (even if the kids are playing Super Mario Brothers behind me).


Practice Lead -
Integrated Technology Architecture (UK)

Limit non-work-related distractions. If you find yourself drifting into the world of just watching TV then turn it off and move your working space to an area where there is no TV. Background noise can be useful though since working from home in complete silence can be strange initially. Put on the radio or your favorite music streaming service, just make it low and ideally minimal words.





Senior Vice President
& Chief Human Resources Officer

The world has changed in a very short time and we are all trying to adjust to living with heightened awareness, concern and sometimes fear. As always, it is most important that you take care of yourself and your family. Be sure to get some rest and enjoy the 'silver lining' that comes with this challenge.... the opportunity to be together (at home) with the people who are most important to you! 


Check out our GIFs, like those used here, by searching 'LifeAtCDW' on Instagram.

CDW Coworkers

As we continue to understand the impact of the changes in the world, many companies have moved their workforce to a...

CDW Women Making History

March 18, 2020   |  


CDW has grown exponentially since the company was founded in 1984, and this would not be the case without the contributions from our female coworkers. This Women’s History Month, we are celebrating those women who have been here since our early days. Check out their stories below.

Cathleen - 32 Years of CDW Service
Marketing Operations Coordinator

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your years at CDW?
Seeing the coworkers growing from 46 to over 9,900 and expanding our footprint globally. 

How has CDW influenced your career for women in Sales and Technology?
I see it all around me, women succeeding at all levels and career paths. From the warehouse to the boardroom, CDW allows all women to think big. CDW supplies every coworker the resources for next steps, and encourages everyone to do more, try more, ask more and reach the goals that they have planned for themselves. 

What are you most looking forward to at CDW in the coming years?
n keeping with the theme, celebrating women! I look forward to seeing how Sona Chawla, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, will propel CDW in the coming months with her style, growth plan and mostly innovation.


Candace - 26 Years of CDW Service
Sales Manager

What was your first role at CDW? What attracted you to the company? 
My first role was Billing Supervisor. What attracted me to CDW back in 1994 was a guy I met wearing a CDW Circle of Service logo on his sweatshirt. He was so excited to tell me what the logo stood for and how great the organization was! He was surprised I had never heard of them so I had to ask more about this company.

How has CDW impacted your career for women in Sales and Technology?
For me to have the ability to move around the organization in different roles, in several capacities, from Finance, Marketing, Operations and now Sales has been wonderful. I’ve had the opportunity to have a lens into the overall big picture and vision. For 26 years, I have been excited each day to contribute to that vision.  


Chris 28 Years of Service
Senior Vice President of Integrated Technology Solutions 

What attracted you to CDW?
I sold to our founder, Michael Krasny, when I had worked at Price Electronics. Then one of my coworkers at Price went to work for CDW. I kept in touch with him and liked what he was saying about the entrepreneurial feel. I joined shortly thereafter. I told my husband, Bill that I was coming to CDW for two years, and now almost 29 years later I am still here! I think that what kept me here is the people, the culture and the ever-changing dynamics of the tech industry.  

How has CDW impacted your career for women in Sales and Technology?
It has shaped my entire career. I am proud of the focus that CDW has had in developing all of its coworkers. This development can be seen in the make-up of our Executive Committee, as well as our Board. The fact that our Executive Committee and our Board are diverse and have a high concentration of woman is wonderful to see and does set us apart from many other organizations.

What are you most looking forward to at CDW in the coming years?
Continued change! Continuing to align our go-to-market with how our customers are thinking about solving their business problems. Watching the company mix shift into solutions and services. Improving the participation rate of our customers and sales people in selling all aspects of services making our relationship with our customers that much more meaningful.


Donna - 29 Years of Service
Senior Application Developer

What was your first role at CDW? What attracted you to the company?
My first role when I started 29½ years ago was Biller. It was a data entry position that has since been automated. I was a senior in high school and enrolled in work co-op program. Given my goal to be a computer programmer, my teacher thought CDW (MPK Computing at the time) would be a good fit. When I finished high school, I stayed with the company and went to night school for my degree in Computer Information Systems. My first position in IT was Help Desk and the department had under ten coworkers at the time!

How has CDW impacted your career for women in Sales and Technology?
Since CDW has been my employer for my entire professional career, you would think that my knowledge would be limited, but because CDW uses so much technology and changing so fast, I have continued learning new things and my job has never been boring.  

CDW Women

 CDW has grown exponentially since the company was founded in 1984, and this would not be the case without the...

Six Things You Can Do to Advance Your Career

February 18, 2020   |  

Earlier this month CDW’s Black Excellence Unlimited (BeU) BRG kicked off Black History Month with a career discussion featuring Director, Configuration Services Ron Harris. During the discussion, Ron shared his career journey and insight on elevating excellence. Read on for a recap of his tips for advancing your career.

Ron has had a passion for technology since he was a young child. “I used to tear my toys apart and rebuild things and didn't know how it would turn out." That passion has been one of his greatest strengths and guides him through his career decisions and journey at CDW. He joined CDW in 1995 knowing he wanted to be in the technology industry. At that time, CDW was a new company and everyone was learning about new technologies, certifications and different positions.

To move from will-call to a technology role, Ron decided he needed to make a plan. “I created my own development plan and then I started telling people what I wanted to be.” His strategy paid off and Ron moved to a technician role. Ron encourages others to do the same and communicate their goals. He shares, “You never know who is listening. You tell them what you want to be. Trust me, they're listening. You don't know who's going to hear it and then actually have an opportunity for you.”

According to Ron, a successful plan should have a personal vision statement to guide you. It should cover what’s important to you and what you believe in. You can use the statement to focus and reset your thinking when you feel demotivated. Include your areas of interest and break it out into 1-2 years out, then 2-5 years out. Ron says “I had Director role on mine, which I've achieved. So again, subconsciously things that I did throughout my career just moved me in that direction. I didn't really know where I would end up, but that's not the point. The point is I knew I had an idea of where I wanted to be or what type of work I wanted to do and that's ultimately what happened.”

“Find somebody either currently doing it, somebody that's done it before, or someone just really good at giving you direction and guidance. That's the key.  Find someone that you can connect with but don't look for somebody just like you all the time. Find someone that has the same skillset that you're looking to achieve and you will be amazed at what you have in common with individuals, even if they don't look like you.”  A good mentor will give you guidance on how to reach your goals, as well as honest feedback on your current skills and brand.

For those who want to further their careers, especially in leadership roles, Ron discussed the value of receiving feedback. Ron learned to listen to the feedback, even if he didn’t agree or like where it was coming from. “I had to learn to just hear what they were saying so I could get something from it.” 

Personal brand is a key factor in advancing in your career. Ron advises, “Make sure there is a positive reaction when people think of your name. If you get a negative reaction, you need to work on your brand.” This can be as simple as being nice and mindful of how you react. It’s okay to have different opinions and be yourself, but you can control the way that your reaction is perceived. He also advises to find a sponsor who can speak up for you. Someone to “wear your t-shirt” when you aren’t in the room.

Ron has served in several roles throughout his career journey and each role provided him with skills and an understanding of how to leverage them in his career success.

“I started to realize that the road to success is not straight. There's definitely a lot of twists and turns, different ways you can be successful.” As he advanced in his leadership career, Ron wanted to play on his strengths – specifically his passion for technology. Ron decided to go back to school and got his masters in IT. He was then promoted to his current role as Director, Configuration Services. “Now I was able to use all of that experience to run the configuration services team. Every two to four years you might want to think about changing careers or departments. That's how you want to look at gaining more experience that's going to make you more valuable to yourself. And CDW.”

Ron Harris

Earlier this month CDW’s Black Excellence Unlimited (BeU) BRG kicked off Black History Month with a career discussion...

National Engineers Week with Travis

February 17, 2020   |  

At CDW, our Integrated Technology Solutions teams bring IT to life for our customers. They are intensely curious, exceptionally smart and never stop learning. This week, we celebrate National Engineers Week with some of those who bring IT, our engineers. We talked to Travis Polash, Associate Consultant Engineer (ACE) at CDW, about his unconventional career journey, how he became interested in engineering and his advice for aspiring engineers.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your path to CDW?
I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2001 with a Criminal Justice degree and spent the next 16 years working in Law Enforcement. I retired in 2017 and went back to school at MidMichigan Community College (MMCC). I had started working with technology towards the end of my police career and really enjoyed it so I continued that at MMCC and started working on another degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Networking. I took all of the Cisco NetAcad courses and found that I really enjoyed it. I ended up getting that second degree and had a great time doing it!

While at MMCC, my instructor nominated me for a position on the Cisco Networking Academy Dream Team. I went through the application process and was eventually selected for the 2019 Cisco Live! Dream Team. I was able to meet a ton of people, including Julie and Wendy from CDW. The entire CDW team did a great job showcasing CDW and the amazing opportunity with their Associate Consulting Engineer Program. I ended up applying with CDW as a direct result of those interactions and started as an ACE not too long after!

How did you first become interested in engineering?
I worked at the college helpdesk while in school and while that was great exposure to users and general IT issues, I wanted something a bit more specialized. My first full-time IT position was as a Network Support Associate for an auto parts supplier in mid-Michigan. I started getting into more of the network side of things and really enjoyed learning how everything worked together. The work experience, combined with my time at Cisco Live, really showed me that I wanted on the engineering side of things.

What’s your role at CDW? What does a typical day look like?
I am in Phase 2 of the ACE program on the Enterprise Networking track. Currently I have two main types of days, at home days and on the road days. Home days consist of regular book/certification studies, lab setups with different networking scenarios, meetings, and touching base with different ACEs to talk about their projects and stay connected. Road days are when I am onsite with a customer on a particular project. Those are usually longer days and more project/customer-centric.

I also try and make it into my local office once a week to touch base with sales, management and other engineers. Developing and maintaining relationships is key and takes work. It is easy to fall into the habit of working from home. I enjoy getting out and meeting other CDW coworkers or spending time with customers.

What is the most fun/innovative project that you’ve been a part of at CDW?
Right now I am shadowing/assisting my Technical Lead (TL) on a large networking project. It is great seeing a project from the very early stages and having the opportunity to work on it through completion. 

You recently had the opportunity to meet with Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer at the Cisco Networking Academy at Lansing Community College. Can you tell us more about that event?
This was a great opportunity to talk about my experience leaving the workforce, getting retrained, and re-entering the workforce. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to re-invent myself and take my career/life down a second path.

This event was organized by Cisco as a way to spread awareness about the ability of the Networking Academy to help people from different walks of life re-invent themselves. The NetAcad is a great way to get your foot in the door with some real-world skills.

I really enjoy talking to and in front of people, so this was a great experience not only for me but my daughter as well. I was very excited to introduce her to and show her women in leadership positions. I think it is a very big part of my job as a father to show her the different opportunities that are out there for her.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with aspiring engineers?

  • Work on your people skills. It is such an advantage to feel comfortable talking to strangers or in front of a group of people. These are skills that can be developed just like technical skills and need to be developed in order to take your career/life to the higher levels of success.
  • Be willing/able to admit your mistakes and what you learned from them. No one is perfect and no one expects you to be.
  • Have fun with whatever you choose to do. If you enjoy something it really comes across to others when you are talking about it.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?
Outside of family time, I really enjoy golf. I try and make sure that I carve out time each week away from my computer and anything work related. 

What are you currently reading or watching?
Right now I am reading a few books: 

  • Malcom Gladwell, Talking to Strangers
  • Tim Ferriss, Tribe of Mentors and Tools of Titans
  • Kevin Anderson, Clockwork Angels

Join Travis at CDW, check out our engineering opportunites here.

Travis Polash

At CDW, our Integrated Technology Solutions teams bring IT to life for our customers. They are intensely curious,...

Love More Than Your Job At CDW

February 12, 2020   |  


The title says it all; loving who you work with plays a huge role in loving where you work, and that’s why at CDW, we take pride in our people, our CDW family. The success of our team is fueled by our relationships with each other—the ways we lift each other up, collaborate, celebrate milestones, win together, and support one another each and every day.

We are more than coworkers. We are mentors. We are leaders. We are family. We value each other’s dreams, joys and aspirations while fostering our relationships within our community and our people. This Valentine’s Day, we caught up with a few CDW coworkers to share their stories on friendships, family, and love. Because here at CDW, we get loving more than your job.


Blake and I grew up, two of six kids, raised on the meaning of love and hard work. While we never went without, our parents expected that we achieve more than they had. They asked that each of us kids strive to be better every day while also being a better person to others.

When I decided to change careers from teaching to sales, I sought somewhere that was both intrinsically and extrinsically motivating and rewarding. Over time, as I honed my abilities and opened myself to our customers and coworkers, CDW challenged and supported me. The culture here felt like home with folks always willing to help when I put in the effort. 

Proud of CDW, I shared stories of failure and success with Blake during his studies at Arizona State. The culture cultivated by our leadership and peers, convinced him to interview for an internship with CDW last year. Blake shares, “Britt encouraged me to apply for the summer internship because I study Business/Entrepreneurship. During my experience, I learned that CDW provides great opportunities for growth and investments in training incoming Account Representatives. The proactive approach to developing CDW coworkers, the encouragement of a work hard/play hard mentality, and the family-like inclusive culture sold me on committing to CDW post-graduation. I am grateful to be part of the CDW family!”


I started at CDW in 2004 at the build of CDW’s Legal team. I saw the decision to join the company as an exciting opportunity to bring my experience to the team, but to also further develop with a company and department that was innovative and growing. Later in my career, I brought my daughter, Olivia, to Bring Your Kids to Work Day. “Hearing my mom’s stories about the culture and her coworkers left a lasting impression. I knew those traits would be very important for me to find as I started my job search” shared Olivia.

Fast forward to 2017 when Olivia graduated college and found an opportunity on CDW’s Benefits and Operations team. As her parent, it is exciting to see her at the front end of her career learning and growing in her role from a vantage point that most may not see. Olivia shares, “My mom has always been my role model. She strives to be her best and do her best every day, in all facets of her life. Her positive attitude and willingness to help others encourages me to be a better person."

We all want to see our children succeed and most importantly, enjoy what they do! I’m so proud of Olivia and what she has accomplished. I know I am biased, but in my opinion, CDW is lucky to have her!


It all started in 1998 when we both were starting our careers at CDW in the same department (Recruiting & Training for Sales). We sat near each other and became work associates and then friends – sharing a love for sarcasm and scary movies. Over the course of our years here at CDW, we’d go to golf outings and dinners together and even started a movie club – it helped us build a solid friendship over time. As our careers moved forward, so did our personal lives where we each became moms at the same time, both having boys in 2005 and then later having girls at the same time in 2008. Our families became close as well – taking our kids to the zoo, aquarium and celebrating the 4th of July together.

As our kids grew older, our responsibilities shifted and our friendship changed. But now we make the time to hang out and stay involved in each other’s lives – and our work lives. We are grateful for CDW and for this department that truly fosters long-term relationships. We would learn from each other, and because we are friends, be completely comfortable in giving one another feedback – navigate the unknown, bounce ideas and trust that there was no agenda, no judging – simply solid advice from someone who wants to lift you up. We can’t imagine the past 22 years without the people here.


We met in 2015 back when I first joined a sales team. Just as I was coming to the sales floor, Angela was moving desks and we sat right next to each other. That is where it all began! Five years later, we are now recently married, new home owners and excited for the next chapter of our lives.

It is great working with my partner. We are not on the same sales team, and are on different sides of the office, so we only see each other when we walk over to one other. But sometimes, when you need that 5-10 minute brain refresher, there is nothing better than walking over and seeing your best friend and significant other. There is a feeling of warmth and comfort that comes with that. Being an Executive Account Manager I only need to come in the office 1-2 times per week, but because she is there, I find myself typically coming in more. 

CDW strongly supports these types of relationships. I look at our office and I see many couples that started together at CDW or met each other through CDW. We are talking about 10+ relationships here - (yes I counted)! At our wedding, we had 25+ CDW coworkers. People who watched us grow together and now have become very dear to our everyday lives. As I look I back over the past five years, the best decision I ever made was CDW. It put my life in a direction I was looking for and helped me achieve all personal goals along with my career ones. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I found love, happiness, and a home here at CDW. 


We met at CDW and have known each other for 15+ years working on multiple teams. We play basketball, watch football, occasionally go golfing and once a quarter, enjoy a nice steak dinner. For fun, we would play basketball on sponsored coworker leagues at the fitness center in Vernon Hills. Before we all started getting injured, we played together for about 4-5 seasons, winning a couple of championships! CDW is so supportive in encouraging coworkers to truly join forces and participate in team events/outings in and outside the office.

We’ve also been a part of similar Business Resource Groups and have built mentorships and relationships with other coworkers. Those groups really encourage career development and growth which is something we all truly value. It has definitely nurtured the team building and supportive feeling that CDW celebrates. 

Rondell shares, “It’s great working together. We have a bond where we can all talk to each other about different obstacles that we face, our goals for the future and give advice when we need it. Some people don’t have that and I know I’m blessed to say that I do.” 

CDW Coworkers

The title says it all; loving who you work with plays a huge role in loving where you work, and that’s why at CDW, we take...

New Year, New Job – Top 5 Reasons to Choose CDW

January 3, 2020   |  

A new year can provide the opportunity to start fresh—especially when it comes to making major moves in your career. While some people seek pay increases and new titles, others might be looking to leave their company completely. In fact, reported in 2017 and 2018 that January proved to be one of their biggest months for job postings and applications.

As you look toward new opportunities, there are plenty of reasons why CDW, one of the leading providers of IT solutions, is an exciting and rewarding place to work.


The benefits at CDW are unlike the kind you receive at most companies. We understand that managing your work and personal life can be difficult, so we do our best to provide you with the tools to remain successful both at work and at home.

Our benefits package includes core benefits like life insurance, a 401k plan, and medical, dental and vision coverage. But it also goes beyond by offering things like adoption assistance, discounts on state-of-the-art technology products, tuition reimbursements and so much more.


The leadership that drives us forward each day is made up of professionals who are at the top of their industries. And they are also interested in what each coworker has to say. By having leaders who are approachable and engaging, CDW fosters an environment where people care about the success of each other and the company.

CDW also operates with a “peers, not tiers” mindset. That means coworkers are encouraged to share their thoughts for the benefit of the project at hand. Collaborative spaces and mindsets help us achieve year after year.

culture of learning

At CDW, we care deeply about the success of our coworkers. That’s why we invest so much of our resources into developing our talent. From our 12-week, award winning, paid sales training for Account Representatives to our executive summits that challenge coworkers to reach new heights, the opportunities to push yourself in your career are endless.

Mentorships are also a key element that help coworkers grow within our company. Take Jocelyn Guiwan, Senior Manager of Configuration Services, for example. Guiwan started as a contractor nearly 11 years ago. After years of key mentorships and hard work, she found herself giving back to coworkers in a role where she can lead others to success. “To me, it’s all about giving back to others and putting them first. I know if I take care of my coworkers, they’ll take care of our customers and it leads to achieving success for CDW. It’s as simple as that,” Guiwan said.


We are made up of game changers, innovators and those who go above and beyond every day—and we all care for one another. When we hire people who share the same ambitious goals, we create a positive, coworker-centric culture that some people say feels like family.

We also share and celebrate differences like we do wins. With over eight business resource groups ranging from the Women’s Opportunity Network to Black Excellence Unlimited, we make it easier to connect with people who share affinity areas. These groups have become a platform for cultural awareness, professional development, networking and more to make a more inclusive workspace.

customer centric

Everything we do revolves around our customers—all 250,000 of them. By providing customers with our expertise and our willingness to go above and beyond, they are eager to continue working with us.

Our broad range of abilities help us meet our customers' unique needs. By listening before recommending the right technology, we’re able to help thousands of people meet their strategic IT initiatives every day.

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A new year can provide the opportunity to start fresh—especially when it comes to making major moves in your career. While...

These Resume Hacks Will Help Land Your Dream Job, According to 4 Senior Recruiters

January 3, 2020   |  

So much of job searching can feel like guesswork, from launching your resume into the ethers of the internet to crossing your fingers after an interview. What’s likeliest to catch the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers today, and how can you give your application an advantage?

Recruiters at CDW don’t believe best practices for candidates should be proprietary information. As talent acquisition leaders for the top multi-brand technology solutions provider, CDW’s recruiters are deeply connected to the company’s overarching investment in diversity & inclusion. And with that comes a drive to help women craft careers that speak to their skills and fulfill their passions.

This drive is undoubtedly part of the reason why women who work here speak so enthusiastically about their experiences. One coworker said of CDW in her review on Fairygodboss: “CDW has a vibrant and inclusive culture where women can thrive. There are many prominent female figures (including the CEO, COO and CHRO) as role models, who are all very giving of their time to provide guidance and mentorship.” Another commented on the “kind women across leadership,” and still another called the environment a “very positive one, with lots of opportunity for growth.”

In keeping with this theme of female leaders who believe in reaching down and giving other women a hand up the ladder, Fairygodboss handpicked career advice from four of CDW’s senior recruiters. They shared the resume hacks that almost always get their attention (think “power verbs”), the job search tips likeliest to land you an interview and what they think other women should know about life and work at CDW.

What makes a resume stand out from the crowd? What are some of the things you want to see included?

Wendy Pantano: “A strong summary of qualifications at the top of your resume — you want your resume to quickly sum you up to ensure you aren’t skipped over. When recruiters have several resumes to review for a specific role, they tend to skim; if your qualifications are at the top and easily summarized, this will ensure your resume is easily reviewed! Be sure to use power verbs when summarizing your experience — like “improved,” “initiated” and “developed,” for instance. Make sure you are quantifying your success, whether it’s cost savings or a percentage of growth. And highlight any certifications you’ve obtained in this section, too.”

Wendy Pantano, Senior Recruiter, Integrated Technology Solutions

Lynn Saratore: “Highlight your accomplishments in a simple, bulleted format. Ensure you construct your resume specifically for the stretch role you are pursuing.”

Lynn Saratore, Senior Recruiter, Team Lead - Field Sales

Tricia Stone-Lively: “The best way to make your resume stand out is to use the job description as a guide and be conscious of the type of role you are applying to when including content. For example, if you’re applying for an IT role, you’ll want to make sure you list technical knowledge that aligns with the experience needed for the role. If you’re applying for a Product or Brand Management role, you’ll want to include your experience building brand awareness.”

Tricia Stone-Lively, Senior Recruiter & Team Lead, Integrated Technology Solutions

Jenny Romans: “Make it clean and concise! Your resume should speak to the specific position at hand. You want to show that your skills and experience are relevant to the organization and position you’re applying for. I love to see numbers, stats and facts that prove how successful a person has been in their career.”

Jenny Romans, Senior Recruiter, Field Sales

How about tips that can help lead to a phone screen or interview?

Pantano: “Network, network, network! The power of networking goes a long way. Research the companies you’re interested in and connect on LinkedIn with people who have roles that you would be interested in. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those connections to ask them about their role and their thoughts on the company they work for.”

Stone-Lively: “Be conscious of the requirements for the role you’re applying to. First, you need to make sure your experience aligns with the requirements. If it does, don’t be afraid to use those keywords in your resume. Often times managers and recruiters are going through several resumes at one time and use keyword searches to determine if a candidate is going to move forward in the process.”

Saratore: “Utilize social media and your network to determine who within the targeted organization is in a leadership role. Reach out and ask to have a conversation or be introduced to the potential hiring manager.”

Romans: “Use your network! The market is competitive and sometimes it’s all about who you know.”

For those curious about careers at CDW, what do you think people should know about life here?

Pantano: “CDW is passionate about empowering all coworkers and embracing diversity. We are a company led by several women, including our CEO. CDW encourages its coworkers to develop and determine their own path through continuing education, training and mentorships. As a woman, I am proud to work for such a respectful, compassionate, positive and supportive company that empowers colleagues to grow and develop.”

Stone-Lively: “I would describe CDW’s culture as an inclusive and empowering culture that promotes a sense of belonging and value. The CDW leadership team encourages diverse thinking, wants coworkers to bring new ideas to the table, and inspires and encourages ideation, learning, and networking. I personally have had the opportunity to be a part of several initiatives and projects that allowed me to step out of my day-to-day duties and challenge myself. As a result, I have career fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.”

Saratore: “CDW offers a wonderful opportunity to grow your career based on your personal interests and aspirations while providing guidance on how to work toward those goals. Also, work-life balance is just as important to CDW as ensuring coworkers have a satisfying and rewarding career.”

Romans: “Every voice matters, and hard work is rewarded. Our culture is one of a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. We strive to be the best in our industry and are always looking to add top talent to our organization.”

What’s your No. 1 piece of advice for women who are looking for jobs right now?

Pantano: “Ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated and your ‘About’ section summarizes your experience. Use as many keywords as you can that relate to your experience and the role you’re looking for. Those keywords will help your profile to show up in companies’ searches. Also, it’s important to join online groups in your field of experience. This is important for several reasons, including networking, job advice and information on companies. Most of all, believe in yourself and your confidence will come through.”

Stone-Lively: “Have confidence in your skills. Don’t be afraid to network on professional social media sites and self-promote. Most recruiters use sites like LinkedIn to source candidates. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and lists your professional skills, as well as your interests.”

Saratore: “Don’t be afraid to do something different with your career. Stretch yourself by leveraging your experience as a foundation but pursue roles that you may consider out of your reach.”

Romans: “It’s a competitive market right now. Know what you’re passionate about and go after it! Be determined and relentless in your career search. Showcase your experience and be bold!”

This article originally appeared on and is republished by CDW with permission.


So much of job searching can feel like guesswork, from launching your resume into the ethers of the internet to crossing...

How Igniting Inclusion Makes an Impact at CDW

December 2, 2019   |  

CDW understands that a safe and nurturing environment which values diversity is necessary to accomplishing your best work. That’s why we not only strive to educate coworkers on inclusive practices but encourage diverse thinkers to be their authentic self every day. See what Tamara Fletcher, Senior Manager of Inclusion, has to say about her 14-year career at CDW and what inclusion at our company means to her.

What is Ignite Inclusion and why was this launched?

Ignite Inclusion is a 10-month program for ALL CDW coworkers in the United States and Canada. It is designed to marry education and awareness with inclusive behaviors so that we can build a culture of collaboration, unity, belonging, and inclusion. It was launched because CDW recognizes that to be both a diverse and inclusive organization where coworkers feel they can be unique and belong, EVERY coworker needs to understand and be accountable to how they can behave more inclusively in the workplace.

Why is Ignite Inclusion important to you? And why is it important to CDW?

I have been at CDW for 14 years…my entire career has been at this organization. I have always considered myself to be unique, but I haven’t always felt like I belong. As a Black Lesbian woman, there have been moments in my career when I have either hid aspects of myself or isolated myself before I could be ostracized. In either case, I wasn’t as productive as I could have been, and I certainly did not feel valued. This program unites us all in a journey to create an environment that makes sure my past experiences don’t become the experiences of others at CDW.

What does inclusion mean to you?

Inclusion means that I can bring all aspects of myself unapologetically to work and know that those aspects that are different than others are valued by my team members, my peers, and my leaders. It means that my differences do not isolate me, instead they are considered the missing piece to what makes CDW great. It means that opportunities are presented for me to contribute, and those contributions are respected and appreciated. Lastly, it means that my pathway to success does not have limitations and I can achieve any goal I put forth for myself.

What do you think CDW does a good job of doing already when it comes to inclusion?

We have done a great deal of work to ensure that our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are a pillar of Inclusion at CDW. They have become a platform for cultural awareness, professional development, networking and connections. We have also done a great job of educating and engaging leaders as they work towards their journey of inclusive leadership. What we’re excited for next with the Ignite Inclusion program is embarking on a path of awareness and behavior change at all levels throughout the organization.

What would you want others to know about this effort?

Our coworkers are what makes CDW a success. Ignite Inclusion is a program that helps make sure that coworkers feel and know that their contributions matter, and that everyone is supported and empowered to do their jobs effectively. At a broader level, this program demonstrates that CDW not only values inclusion and diversity but is committed to cultivating an inclusive culture across all of our locations. I am honored to have been a part of creating a program like Ignite Inclusion, and am excited to watch its impact on coworkers, our culture, and CDW’s success over time.

Learn more about CDW's diversity & inclusion efforts here.

Tamara Fletcher

CDW understands that a safe and nurturing environment which values diversity is necessary to accomplishing your best work....

Facing Down Fears, Coworker of the Year: Jocelyn

October 18, 2019   |  

Last October at the Western Distribution Center in Las Vegas, Jocelyn Guiwan was holding a regular team meeting with her team when she asked for 10 volunteers. “I could tell by the looks on their faces they had no idea what I was going to do,” says Guiwan, who is the Senior Manager of Configuration Services at CDW’s Las Vegas facility. “Eight people stepped up. I said I still need two more. With a little prodding, two more walked up.” She told her volunteers she was going to ask them three questions. Two were about the steps they’d taken to improve their own communication skills and the third was how they embody the CDW Way. She then asked if all 10 still wanted to participate. Each said they did and answered her questions in front of the group. “Most of us are afraid to volunteer because we fear the unknown,” says Guiwan, who started as a contractor with CDW 11 years ago and gradually worked her way up to a senior management role. “But nobody has all the answers. That’s why we network and collaborate – to learn from each other.” After the 10 gave their answers, Guiwan thanked them. She then handed each volunteer $50, which was the $500 Guiwan had received for being named 2018’s August Coworker of the Month.

“The lesson I was sharing was not to fear the unknown,” she says. “I started at CDW a week after I’d turned 18 and I tried to approach every challenge as an opportunity to learn. The recognition, the pay, it all comes later. The only way to get where you want to go is to overcome the fear holding you back.” And it is this unwavering commitment to her team, CDW’s account managers and our customers that earned Guiwan the honor of being named 2018 Coworker of the Year.

“I am grateful for every setback and challenge I’ve faced in my career, because each strengthened me to become the person I am today,” Guiwan says. “Receiving the Coworker of the Year award wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing leaders at CDW, my mentors who believed in me, and my teammates, who I have the utmost respect for. Each stage in my career has required me to be a different version of myself, and I truly feel my ability to adapt, change and tackle challenges by believing I am in control of the outcome has led me to this.

” According to one of her nominators, Guiwan’s leadership and coordination are clear, “Jocelyn and her team are always willing to take on a new challenge, build out a new solution and brand everything that comes out of the Configuration Center with CDW exceptionalism.” Whether it’s answering those late night calls, responding to those early morning emails or her dedication to excellence, her coworkers agree Guiwan’s commitment makes everyone around her better and no challenge unachievable.

For Guiwan, though, her philosophy is simple – to put others first. “You can’t put on blinders or pass the buck in an area like ours, because we can’t succeed without collaboration,” she explains. “While collaboration may seem appealing and easy in concept, it’s quite challenging in practice. I lead my team by effectively navigating through the complexities of collaboration by cultivating trust, clarifying purpose, convening the right people, clarifying purpose, and coordinating tasks and activities.

When I think about my own success, I am reminded of other leaders and coworkers that have helped me navigate through my career,” Guiwan adds. “To me, it’s all about giving back to others and putting them first. I know if I take care of my coworkers, they’ll take care of our customers and it leads to achieving success for CDW. It’s as simple as that. Hearing thank you, and knowing how genuinely grateful they are to receive that support, is what makes me love what I do.”

CDW Team

Last October at the Western Distribution Center in Las Vegas, Jocelyn Guiwan was holding a regular team meeting with her...

eCommerce Improves the User Experience for Customers

October 8, 2019   |  

CDW’s Alliance for Business Leading Equality (ABLE) Business Resource Group was started in July 2016 to create an inclusive workplace that respects and honors individuals’ capabilities, including the unique qualities of our differently abled coworkers. ABLE strives to bring awareness to disability inclusion by providing professional and personal development opportunities as well as guidance for self-advocacy. CDW’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our coworkers to include the customers we serve, the communities we live in and the suppliers we partner with.

Earlier this year, CDW’s eCommerce design team held a workshop to become familiar with the VoiceOver screen reader. This event was created to educate the team on designing for customers who have disabilities, while also discussing inclusive practices. During the workshop, designers were tasked with navigating the web via screen reader under various visual constraints, putting themselves in the shoes of customers who are visually impaired or non-sighted. The eCommerce team also hosted volunteers, Jarett and Lisha, with varying levels of vision impairment to take part in the workshop. This provided a firsthand account of the frustrations users encounter and opportunities and areas for improvement.

By becoming familiar with the VoiceOver product, the eCommerce team was able to evaluate the accessibility and design of our web content. Through awareness and education of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), eCommerce is better equipped to design and develop content for accessibility. Overall, the eCommerce team feels the workshop met the goal and was effective in demonstrating the work which needs to be improved on our products, while also realizing the impact a fully accessible product has on someone who is disabled.

Through fostering and promoting a diverse workforce, companies can continue to make progress towards disability inclusion and awareness. CDW is proud to partner with organizations like Disability:IN Chicagoland, Center for Enriched Living and GettingHired to further our disability inclusion initiatives.

We are committed to making all coworkers feel accepted, valued and empowered to do great things – helping drive continued business success and making CDW a great place to work.

Learn more about our diversity & inclusion efforts here.

CDW's Alliance for Business Leading Equality

CDW’s Alliance for Business Leading Equality (ABLE) Business Resource Group was started in July 2016 to create an inclusive...

How to be Successful in Behavioral-Based Interviews

September 30, 2019   |  

Having a successful interview is an important part to landing a job. And while you are often asked about your experiences, it is common to be faced with behavioral-based questions during interviews so managers can better understand how you have handled various work situations in the past.

What is behavior-based interviewing?

Behavioral-based interviewing focuses on experiences, behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities in your past that usually relate to the job you are applying for. It is based on the belief that past behavior and performance predicts future behavior and performance. You may use work experience, activities, hobbies, volunteer work, school projects, family life – anything really – as examples of your past behavior.

Examples of behavior-based questions

Behavior questions vary in what they are trying to accomplish. Some work to show your interpersonal communication skills, while others can pertain to how you manage time. Here are a few questions hiring managers have used in the past to help get you started: 

  • Tell me about a time you had to allocate parts of your day to specific tasks to accomplish your highest priorities? 
  • Describe a time when you were faced with a lot of pressure. What was going on and how did you deal with it? 
  • There are many different personalities within a workspace. Tell me how you were able to work alongside someone who had a work style that differed from your own. 

Responding to Behavioral Based Questions

The STAR method is a structured format for responding to behavioral-based interview questions with previous job, extra-curricular or volunteer experience. This method is utilized by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing. 

  • Situation: Describe the situation that you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish. You must describe a specific event or situation, not a generalized description of what you have done in the past.
  • Task: What goal were you working toward? 
  • Action: Describe the actions you took to address the situation with an appropriate amount of detail while keeping the focus on YOU. What specific steps did you take and what was your contribution? Be careful that you don’t describe what the team or group did when talking about a project. Use the word “I,” not “we” when describing actions.
  • Result: Describe the outcome of your actions, and don’t be shy when taking credit for your behavior. What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn? Make sure your answer contains multiple positive results.

Follow all parts of the STAR method to successfully answer these questions. Be as specific as possible without rambling or including too much information. Individuals often need to be prompted to include their results, so try to add that without being asked. Also, showcase examples where you displayed positive results, However, keep in mind that some examples that have a negative result (such as “lost the game”) can highlight your strengths in the face of adversity. 

Tips on Preparing for a Behavioral Interview

  • Analyze the type of position you’re applying and review the job description. What skills is the employer looking for?
  • Consider your background. What skills do you have (content, functional, and adaptive) that relate to your objective?
  • Recall examples from your past experiences where you demonstrated favorable behavior, actions or skills especially involving work experience, leadership, teamwork and/or customer interaction.
  • Prepare a short description of each example and ensure you can go into detail. How can you tell a story about your use of skills or knowledge? Remember that a good story has a beginning, middle and end.
  • Be specific. Do not generalize when giving your response; give a detailed account of an event.
  • Make sure that the outcome or result reflects a positive change or outcome.
  • Vary your examples; pull from different aspects/areas of your life (work, school, volunteer efforts, etc.)

If you can practice this formula when answering behavioral-based questions, hiring managers will see your ability to excel in your role. Just like any new skill, practice goes a long way so start brainstorming answers for you to be one step closer to getting the job of your dreams. 

Explore careers at CDW here.

CDW Team

Having a successful interview is an important part to landing a job. And while you are often asked about your experiences,...

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

September 9, 2019   |  

CDW is excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and share the voice of our coworkers. Our Business Resource Group, Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Achievement (HOLA) will be celebrating all month with a variety of professional development events for our coworkers.

We sat with Samuel Perez, Director Western Distribution; Angel Arzet, Proposal Specialist & Communications for HOLA; Yolanda Blomquist, Deputy Program Manager; and Mayra Archilla-Barton, Manager Business Partners & Chair of HOLA, to learn what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them and to hear their career advice for other Hispanic professionals.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Samuel Perez (SP): I see Hispanic Heritage Month as a way for the Hispanic community to share their culture and experiences with the masses. This is something that can happen at any point in time and we can use our experiences and unique differences to help add value at any time of year, but Hispanic Heritage Month helps to add a spotlight to it all. 

Angel Arzet (AA): It means intentionally reflecting on the struggles and triumphs of Latino/Latina pioneers who have paved the way for people like myself. We must learn to be grateful for what others have directly and indirectly done for us and take nothing for granted. This year, Hispanic Heritage Month takes on even more significance for me as my son just turned two. I hope to be a voice that reminds him that his background matters and that he has value to bring to the world being Hispanic American.

How do you celebrate your heritage during Hispanic Heritage Month?

AA: I celebrate my heritage by doing the things I do every day—trying my best to be my authentic self and having pride in who I am and my heritage. I also celebrate by making a conscious effort to speak Spanish in public and not just with family.

Yolanda Blomquist (YB): I use this time to figure out more about my family heritage and get another piece of information that brings me closer to all my family, past and present.

Mayra Archilla-Barton (MAB): I celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month with rice and beans! Growing up, rice and beans were always at the dinner table. It brings back many memories of when I lived in Puerto Rico, where I was born and raised.

Why is HOLA involvement important to you?

SP: Involvement with HOLA is important because this is a group that helps to hone in on what makes the Hispanic community at CDW thrive and looks for ways to share experiences, enhance skills and make us all more valuable professionals all while focusing on our cultural roots. Like all CDW’s BRGs, HOLA strives to be an inclusive environment for all coworkers. 

YB: HOLA involvement has provided me an opportunity to not only meet great people, but to get exposure to events and projects that may have been otherwise impossible. I have learned so much about myself and I hope to continue learning and growing with HOLA.

MAB: Involvement in HOLA is important to me because the sense of community and support of each other is second to none. Involvement in HOLA is also important to me because this is how I pay it forward. It is a way to appreciate those that have contributed to my professional and personal growth, along the way, I do my best to elevate others.

What career advice do you have for Hispanic professionals?

SP: Be genuine, humble yet confident in your abilities, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Develop your skills by taking on new experiences and learn from every interaction. When risks and new opportunities present themselves, you’ll be ready to tackle them!

AA: Be true to yourself and then to others, opportunities and success will follow.

YB: I really recommend joining HOLA to have the chance to meet a wide range of people from all departments of the company. This really does provide you with an opportunity to learn about other departments and gain appreciation for all the people involved in servicing our customers.

MAB: You are supposed to be here.

Embrace all of yourself.


CDW Coworkers

CDW is excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and share the voice of our coworkers. Our Business Resource Group,...

Julia's Career Path at CDW

August 19, 2019   |  

At CDW, our highly skilled and motivated coworkers are the most important ingredient to our success. As an IT market leader, ensuring they have the right knowledge and skills to do their jobs is critical to delivering superior service to our customers and growing our business year-after-year. We make career development a priority, helping our coworkers achieve success both personally and professionally. We sat with Julia who shared her career journey at CDW and advice for candidates.

What would you share about the career development at CDW?

Get to know as many people as possible across the entire organization. Chat with them about what their job is and how it relates to the overall business. I can’t tell you how many opportunities I have found out about through organic networking and having conversations with various coworkers.

Did you imagine you’d be in the role you are today?

I honestly had no idea where my career could take me at CDW. When I accepted the Account Manager position, I was very excited to learn more about CDW as a company and what other roles that could be a fit for me. I never really imagined all the possibilities they had. I started in Sales, moved to Coworker Service and then Integrated Technology Solutions and now a part of Product & Partner Management team. I've enjoyed my career journey so far!

What tools or resources has CDW provided to get you where you are?

Mentor relationships and the ability to have honest discussions with leaders and peers at CDW.

What do you wish you knew before you started your career here? 

It’s okay to fail. Not every role is a good fit for every person and it’s okay to look around and find a better fit.

What advice would you share with candidates?

Your personal brand starts on day one at CDW. Always be aware of how your actions and attitude reflect who you are. CDW is an amazing company to work for and be part of – enjoy the culture and values of this place! And contribute!

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Julia Urbaniak

At CDW, our highly skilled and motivated coworkers are the most important ingredient to our success. As an IT market...

Sales Managers Share How to Be Successful at CDW

June 25, 2019   |  

Sales Managers at CDW have a lot of responsibility. From partner relationships to exceeding profit goals, Sales Managers like Erin Thor, Sales Manager - Financial Services, and JC Kim, Sales Manager - Small Business, directly impact the success of our organization, while bringing value to the thousands of customers we help daily. See how they began at CDW as Account Managers, their journey and what they look for in candidates. 

How did your career start out at CDW?

Erin Thor (ET): I was hired in 2011 as an Account Manager in CDW Healthcare, calling on organizations providing patient care. This ranged from small regional Doctor’s offices to large national Hospitals. About one year in, I was offered the opportunity to transition to a newly-formed team calling on Corporate customers. I jumped at the opportunity and ended up selling on that team for 4 years. After 4 years, I was promoted to become the manager of that very team! I’ve been in management for 2.5 years now within the Corporate Verticals – now covering Financial Services customers. 

JC Kim (JC): I started my CDW Career in October 2011 as an Account Manager in Chandler AZ, supporting Los Angeles for about 5 years and developed into an Executive Account Manager on our Corporate team. I spent a little over 2 years afterwards as the Sales Manager – Academy in Chandler, working with every new sellers in specific segments and during this time won President’s Achievement for 2017. Since October 2018, I’ve been managing Small Business for Southern California.

What do you look for in an Account Representative candidate?

ET: Candidates that stand out in the interview process have a competitive spirit, are passionate, and have demonstrated adaptability in the face of change. They can apply lessons they’ve learned in school or previous jobs to a future career.

JC: I’m always looking for a combination of personality, drive, confidence, intelligence, coachability and strong communication skills, all wrapped around a coworker’s strong work ethic. The ideal candidate would come to CDW with a strong moral compass and a genuine passion for delivering good and helping others. In an interview setting, I’m also looking for those rare candidates that clearly did the research on CDW and the IT Industry and expresses a genuine desire to grow a long-term career in Sales.

What makes a successful Account Representative?

ET: The best Account Representatives are self-starters. They don’t need someone telling them exactly what to do every minute of the day. They love to learn and don’t mind making a few mistakes along the way. They also understand that success doesn’t come over night. The work they put in at the start of their career will pay dividends in the long run!

JC: As the Sales Manager – Academy in Chandler for over 2 years, I’ve had the pleasure of helping onboarding 90+ new Account Representatives into our business. When I look at some of the most successful sellers out of that group, every single one shares the same combination of drive, confidence, coachability and communication skills. But above all, it is the Account Representative’s work ethic and GRIT (i.e., the ability to remain resilient despite multiple challenges over a long period of time) that jump out the most.

What advice would you give to candidate pursuing the role?

ET: This is an amazing company to work for with a strong culture and passionate coworkers. The first year or two won’t be easy, but if you’re willing to put in a lot of hard work, you’ll find success quickly and hopefully have some fun doing it. The Account Representative role is best suited for the person who is in it for the long-haul.

JC: Study the role as much as possible, and look at it as a minimum 2-3 year commitment.  Understand that this role has a ramp up period for good reason due to the complexity of the industry and the long term earning potential CDW offers, and we are more invested in our seller’s development than any other company in the industry.

What do you wish you knew starting at CDW?

ET: I just wish I would have taken advantage of all the amazing opportunities CDW offers sooner! For example, I didn’t get involved with any of our Business Resource Groups until 3 years in – this would have been great for me to do right away in year 1. 

JC: I only wish I found CDW earlier in my professional career.

What was your favorite part of being an Account Representative?

ET: Being in control of your own destiny. Want to make more money? Make more calls, fearlessly pitch solutions without fear of rejection, and find ways to stand out from your competition. If you do the things you’re “supposed to” do, success will come. You are in control of just how fast it happens.

JC: Transitioning into and learning about a completely new industry was very exciting for me when I first started. I came from advertising sales, where it was sometimes hard to find tangible value to deliver to my customers and I immediately fell in love with how CDW can deliver value in so many ways to our customers. The coaching that I received along with getting to know the many different PEOPLE that positively influenced my career beginning during the first month at CDW are standouts for me personally.

"CDW is an incredible place to build a lifelong career. The company truly cares about its coworkers, has an outstanding culture, and offers opportunities for limitless growth. I truly look forward to coming to work every day, and that’s not something I take lightly," shares Erin.

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Erin Thor & JC Kim

Sales Managers at CDW have a lot of responsibility. From partner relationships to exceeding profit goals, Sales Managers...

Pride at CDW

June 10, 2019   |  

June is Pride Month and CDW's Business Resource Group, Business Resource Alliance Valuing Equality (BRAVE), is proud to have an opportunity to celebrate this month. BRAVE's vision is to enhance the work environment, provide networking opportunities, and promote activities that help our LGBTQ coworkers and allies reach their full professional potential. We caught up with three members from BRAVE, Kelly Twomey Eidson, Jonathan Malloy and Travis Rickert, to hear their perspective on what pride means to them and how BRAVE has influenced their experience at CDW.

What does pride mean to you?

KE: Pride means to celebrate who your authentic self is. 

JM: Pride is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.  It is a reminder of the struggles we had to go through together to get the rights we have now, and the struggles members of our community are still going through every day. Every Pride, we march to remember all those who have gone before us, and we march for all those who can’t march for themselves.  

I am there because Pride is welcome to all. Pride doesn’t discriminate based on ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, body type, age, disability, religion, or what you are ‘into.' It is a representation of the mantra “One Struggle, One Fight” (from the mini-series When We Rise), showing unity across groups that have struggled to get equal rights. I wish people in our community would treat each other like it was Pride year-round. We are so much stronger together than when we divide ourselves up.  

TR: Pride for me is unconditionally loving myself for who I am and not conforming to what others want or expect me to be. Pride is about recognizing, embracing and celebrating our differences. 

Briefly describe your experience as part of the BRAVE BRG. How do you think it’s influenced your experience at CDW?

TR: Being a leader in CDW’s BRAVE BRG for eight years has strengthened my ability to find solutions, look at the bigger picture and strengthen my leadership skills.

BRAVE has provided me an avenue to share my voice and break out of my shell. Diversity & inclusion is a passion I have, and BRAVE has allowed me to grow that passion, as well as grow myself.

KE: The BRGs allow me to meet people throughout the organization that I do not interact with during the regular work day. As an ally with the BRAVE BRG, I have had the opportunity to talk through scenarios with coworkers that have a different view of problems or issues that arise. I have grown in my decision making experience as I have more lenses that I evaluate problems with and recognize more stakeholders in a project. It has helped me grow in how to show acceptance and inclusion to all coworkers throughout the organization.

Why is it important to be an ally?

TR: An ally is someone who is able to listen, understand and give support. An ally uses their privilege to further the LGBTQ community positively and helps share the truth about equality.

KE: It is important to be an ally as there are times that I have a platform and can be a voice for others. I can demonstrate acceptance of individuals as individuals and inclusion of groups to those I work with, as well as the next generation. 

What would you say to a member of the LGBTQ community considering a career with CDW?

JM: One piece of advice I would like to give anyone who is considering CDW as a potential career is this:  Always be true to yourself. If you are a geek, show it off! Enjoy 80s rock? Photography? Gardening? Horror movies? Let it shine! And if you are LGBTQ, let your pride flag fly! Sometimes all it takes is a coworker walking by your desk to notice a bit of memorabilia (or in my case a pride flag), to start up a conversation.

TR: This is a place I call home. I feel supported not only by my peers, but also my manager and leadership through CDW. This is a place where innovation and passion are not thrown to the wayside. I have been afforded many opportunities that I never thought I would have if I was with another company. I would recommend this company to anyone that is passionate and strives to move the needle forward in equality and in IT.

Learn more about CDW's Diversity & Inclusion efforts here.

Kelly Twomey Eidson, Jonathan Malloy and Travis Rickert

June is Pride Month and CDW's Business Resource Group, Business Resource Alliance Valuing Equality (BRAVE), is proud to...

Seeds of Opportunities at Cisco Live

June 7, 2019   |  

I am amazed at the process at which a gardener can grow a flower or plant. The effort it takes to prepare and position seeds for success is amazing. I often think about this process as I have progressed in my career and planted seeds at CDW. Each of those "seeds" is an opportunity to stretch your abilities or grow your career journey.

Why am I talking about plants on a blog for a technology company? At CDW, the seeds planted since I began almost 15 years ago, are too many to count. And they are continuing to grow. Whether I am working with customers one-on-one, leading a team of individuals to a career in technology, and nurturing a team of tenured sellers, I have been able to grow personally and professionally.

At the beginning of 2018, I found myself at a new opportunity to lead the Cisco Excellence team at CDW. We are responsible for the ongoing business, strategy and execution of the Cisco business at CDW.

Cisco and CDW have an incredible relationship. It extends with our participation with Cisco's Talent Bridge, a Cisco Networking Academy program. The Cisco Networking Academy program teaches thousands of students worldwide the skills required to build, design and maintain networks. In 2018, CDW became the exclusive sponsor of the Cisco Networking Academy Dream Team at Cisco Live and continues that sponsorship this year. The Dream Team consists of individuals that have been selected by Cisco and CDW as the top in their classes at the Cisco Networking Academy. This program is top notch and globally known for educating and training new-to-career individuals starting or transitioning into the technology industry. At Cisco Live, the Dream Team will support the Network Operation Center (NOC) team onsite to create an exceptional customer experience and uninterrupted wireless network connectivity at the event.

The way a gardener cares for their plants is similar to the way leadership at CDW supports our coworkers in their career journey. The Dream Team represents, to CDW, an extension of our culture of providing individuals the opportunity to become successful in the technology industry. CDW provides networking opportunities at the event, a lunch & learn session around preparing for an interview and a panel discussion. Over the last several years, this partnership has been extremely successful in preparing students to be hired into CDW’s Associate Consulting Engineer Program. When CDW Talent Acquisition sees the Cisco Networking Academy experience on a resume, we know that those individuals have had top notch, hands-on, industry leading training.

At CDW, we care deeply about our coworkers, customers, partners, and communities we live and work in. We partner with many organizations to make a difference in the communities and lives we touch. CDW’s amazing learning culture provides opportunities to build your career like I have done for myself. The garden is blossoming at CDW we look forward to planting more seeds to grow our coworkers and future talent of CDW.

Jesse Nixon

I am amazed at the process at which a gardener can grow a flower or plant. The effort it takes to prepare and position...

Learning about Pan Asian Council

May 20, 2019   |  

As we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we caught up with Gian Sese, Chair of CDW's Pan Asian Council (PAC) Business Resource Group. Gian shares his experience at CDW, PAC's efforts and a food recommendation!

What’s your role at CDW and how long have you been with the company?
I started out as a temp back in 2012 then was offered a full-time opportunity after six months with CDW. I started out in Product & Partner Management (PPM) as Dropship Buyer for backorder fulfillment, then moved quickly to a Dropship Emergency Buyer. I progressed to be the Dropship Buyer for the majority of our enterprise and security partners. My exposure to this role expanded my network within the company from Backbone organization to our Sales organization, and with our partners as well. From this, I became a Sales Operations Supervisor to one of the most unique segments—Federal—where I cover the Department of Defense for U.S. Army Programs and Agencies. My new career venture is getting into the trenches with our sales group as an Account Manager with one of the Enterprise teams within DoD covering US Air Force.

What do you like about your current role?
The challenges are new and give me a different perspective on how CDW-G is helping customers with their IT challenges on a deeper level. I like every bit of it.

You recently became the new Chair for Pan Asian Council (PAC), tell us about the journey to that leadership position:
I took this as an opportunity to create a bigger impact on our members and coworkers and give back to CDW. Taking on a “volunteer job” on top of your day job isn’t easy, but I have a solid leadership team behind me. PAC leaders come from various business practices, but we’re able to act as one and undertake the challenges that come with these volunteer positions because we all believe in the notion that BRGs are FOR coworkers BY coworkers.

For those who are unfamiliar with PAC, can you tell us what it is?
We act as a representation and celebration of Asian culture, but it doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive for only those of Asian descent. Everyone from every ethnicity is welcome. Our mission is to provide an open platform for coworkers with shared interests to achieve their aspirations and drive competitive advantage for CDW.

PAC is also known for strong networking and collaboration with Asian BRGs from the Top 25 companies in Chicago. While we’re proud of that and are going to continue to maintain our relationships outside of the organization, we’re also taking this year to go back to our roots, focusing on more internal events, professional development programs and workshops.
We’re going to build a stronger foundation to support our members and coworkers to help them with their journey to success.

One of the great things about APAHM is that it recognizes so many different cultures and heritages. What food from your cultural heritage would you have people try?
I’m Filipino. It’s tough to pick a favorite, so would suggest trying everything! Filipino food is based out of Spanish cuisine since the Philippines was a Spanish Colony for 400 years. The country is composed of 7,000+ islands so there could be 7,000+ versions of the same “traditional” dish. The popular food I would suggest is pork or chicken Adobo.

What makes CDW a great company to work for?
Where do I start?! CDW’s core foundation and beliefs, passion to innovate new solutions, achieve the best possible outcome on every opportunity and challenge, the drive to pursue success, and the amazing teamwork that’s performed behind the scenes.

Even though the organization has so many different segments, teams, and departments, we still work as one big team to accomplish a mission. Challenges may occur, but those challenges can’t be resolved by one person; they’re resolved by every department. We know how to work together, to bring the Circle of Service to life. There’s never a dull moment—CDW will consistently challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

Learn more about CDW's Diversity & Inclusion efforts here.

Gian Sese

As we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we caught up with Gian Sese, Chair of CDW's Pan Asian Council (PAC)...

Saluting Service

May 3, 2019   |  

May is designated as National Military Appreciation Month. This month provides not only an opportunity to say thanks to all those, past and present, who have contributed to the U.S. military, but to also recognize some of the military coworkers we are fortunate to have on our team.

We caught up with Kristy Burciaga (KB - pictured center), Account Manager; Jon Steckelberg (JS - pictured left), Partner Specialist; and Joshua Keller (JK - pictured right), Account Representative; who share the skills they transferred to their career, their proudest moments, and advice for those transitioning into a civilian career.

What skills did you acquire from military that you were able to transfer to your CDW career?

KB: I’ve learned how to be a better communicator through doing many briefings for my unit. This can translate over to customer meetings and presentations on the CDW side.

JS: The biggest thing that I took away from my time in the service is to be a good teammate.  I led when I got the opportunity and I followed when I had to, but I always did my best to support my fellow soldiers and the mission.

JK: The military helped me restructure my life and develop a plethora of skills. If I had to select a few, I would say leadership, perseverance, organization, confidence and teamwork.

What moment or accomplishment from your military experience are you most proud of and why?

KB: I am really proud of having the honor to be a leader in the military. I’ve learned so many things about leadership from the military that have made me a well-rounded and more confident person.

JS: While on a training mission in Panama, I was flagged down by a soldier who was participating in jungle training operations (unrelated to my training) who needed help with an injured teammate.  I drove my vehicle into the jungle to medevac the injured soldier and his team’s medic and get them back to a medical facility. I didn’t get any award for my actions, but I am proud that I was instrumental in helping when needed.

JK: My job training reservist was highly rewarding. The effect I was able to have on young Marines lives, both personally and professionally, as well as the projects I managed are my greatest sources of pride from that period of my life.

What advice do you have for someone transitioning from a military to civilian career?

KB: Don’t downplay the skills you’ve learned from the military and the things you’ve achieved on the military side. Most of those skills and accomplishments are more transferrable than most people think.

JS: Know how to apply your military knowledge to a civilian setting. A hiring manager may not understand military phrases and job responsibilities, so phrasing your experience in a way that they would is important.

JK: I am still learning some of this for myself, but I would suggest leveraging your experiences and values into your career. In regards to CDW specifically, the support structure here is amazing. Don’t shy away from seeking help or guidance across the organization. CDW operates as a team with open lines of communication. Any veteran or reservist that takes that into account should fit right in and acclimate well.

From community relations efforts to creating opportunities for veterans and providing internal resources like our Military & Allies Resource Council (MARC) business resource group, CDW is committed to supporting veterans and active military in the community, as well as the workplace. Our efforts to attract and retain veterans have been recognized by way of military friendly awards:

  • 2019 Military Friendly Silver Level Award by VIQTORY
  • Ranked #52 on 2019 Best for Vets: Employers list by Military Times
  • Recognized on U.S. Veterans Magazine’s 2018 Best of the Best Top Veteran-Friendly Companies list

Interested in joining CDW's team? Learn more here.

CDW Team

May is designated as National Military Appreciation Month. This month provides not only an opportunity to say thanks to all...

APAHM: Celebrating Cultural Diversity

May 1, 2019   |  

In 1992, May was officially designated Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), spurring the annual month-long recognition of Asian Pacific American culture in the United States. APAHM celebrates the contributions, traditions, history and cultures of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders while encouraging all Americans to learn about and appreciate the rich diversity of Asian and Pacific cultures.

Claire Ivory, a member of CDW's Pan Asian Council Business Resource Group, shares her traditions and thoughts on what APAHM means to her.

How do you celebrate your heritage during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month?
As a member of the Pan Asian Council (PAC) leadership team, we have a ton of great relationships with other Asian BRG’s in the Chicago area as well as the NAAAP organization. I like to attend as many APAHM events as I can to network and hear other leaders speak on their heritage and path within leadership.

How have your personal experiences shaped your life and career?
Through great mentors of mine, I learned early on to embrace my soft spoken approach to leadership but to also be sure I was communicating what I wanted. My approach has been two-fold: to lead by listening and observing and to create experiences in all my roles that I could be passionate about. My journey is constantly changing and I owe a lot to the people at CDW who have given me feedback, support and advice along the way.

What is your favorite thing about your culture?
I would say a tradition that I have created for myself is to go back to South Korea every 5 years to immerse myself in the culture. I know it will get harder as I get older but I hope I don’t lose sight of this!

Why is PAC involvement important to you?
PAC has been an important part of my leadership path at CDW. While I was in an individual contributor role, the platform allowed me the opportunity to build my leadership skillsets to prepare me for my (now) manager role. It has also allowed me to not only mentor other future leaders but also connect with Senior leaders within the company that I would have not otherwise come across.

What are you most proud of working at CDW?
I am proud of the inclusive culture that many coworkers and departments are constantly focusing on. You can see constant evolution to find new ways to get more diverse viewpoints within project groups or teams. I truly believe that if you work to increase diversity of thought, you can keep a company one step ahead of the competition. We have so many great leaders that work hard to continue this being a part of the culture at CDW!

CDW encourages coworkers of all backgrounds to take an active role in their own personal and professional development. The Pan Asian Council Business Resource Group seeks to support and further the careers of Pan Asian coworkers while exemplifying inclusion and impacting CDW’s business objectives.

Claire Ivory

In 1992, May was officially designated Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), spurring the annual month-long...

Four Tips to Prepare for Your CDW Interview

April 10, 2019   |  

Congratulations! You submitted your application, and now you’ve got the interview. To succeed in the interviewing process and land the job, it’s essential that you prepare ahead of time. Here are some tips that are sure to make you a standout candidate. 

The advice has been said time and time again: dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Still, candidates have undergone interviews in jeans, t-shirts and other clothes not normally suited for the workplace and have found themselves shy of getting an offer. 

First impressions and the ability to present yourself can be everything. Research shows it takes about 7 seconds for someone to develop a first impression, and the same goes for hiring managers when seeking the perfect fit.  This first impression extends to both verbal and non-verbal cues. Smile!  Make eye contact!  Have a firm handshake and show the interviewer you are happy to be meeting with him or her.  Managers want someone who is presentable and willing to take the necessary steps to succeed in their career.

Strategically research and take notes on the company. Utilize resources like the company’s website, peruse the latest earnings release if publicly available, review LinkedIn and Glassdoor profiles to get a better understanding of the organization’s background, and understand the company’s mission, vision, and values.  Depending on the company, assess their products, services and markets served. From this information, you should develop a list of questions to ask the interviewer.

Prepare an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a succinct, 30-second persuasive sales pitch about yourself and why you’d be the best candidate for the role.

Review the job description and become comfortable talking about your skills, qualifications and resume and how they relate to the position you're interviewing for. When asked behavioral, resume-based and case questions, draw on specific examples from previous work experiences, internships and your education. You should prepare and practice responses to these questions by yourself or with a peer to feel comfortable and confident when it’s time for your interview.  

Plan to bring extra copies of your resume, paper and a pen so you can write notes throughout your interview, although it should never become distracting. Do note, some initial interviews may be virtual interviews using video technology. Test your device and make sure the technology works prior to your FaceTime/Skype/Webex /HireVue interview to avoid any issues.

It is essential you arrive at least 15 minutes early to your interview. Whether you are driving, taking public transportation or Uber, factor in the amount of time it might take if there is traffic or detours to ensure you aren’t late. 

You will most likely be meeting with the hiring manager and stakeholders for the role. Introduce yourself to your interviewer with a firm handshake and steady eye contact. Because it’s easy to feel nervous, do your best to relax and be yourself. When they begin asking questions, it is important to remember that your hiring manager is human, too and doesn’t want to make you feel any pressure with the questions at hand. 

Interviews shouldn’t be one sided. The best interviews are a conversation, when both the hiring manager and interviewee connect. More importantly, the hiring manager wants to hear “your story.” Always have questions ready to ask the hiring manager at the end of the interview. By preparing 3-5 questions, it shows that you are interested in the role, the company and working with their team.

"As a candidate, take the opportunity to convey to your potential manager and the hiring team that you want the job and you want to be a part of the organization. It seems like a small thing to say, but when done authentically, it is often the difference between a job offer or a decision to go with another candidate who seemed more engaged in the opportunity to join the team," said Jon St. Peter, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at CDW.

Be sure to get a business card from the hiring manager and stakeholders. If you have your own cards, the end of the interview is the perfect time to exchange. Business cards give you the correct information of your hiring manager like their name, phone number, office and email address.  

Expect to send a thank you note within 24 hours of your interview to the hiring manager. It is important to thank them for their time and consideration. If you made any specific connections during the interview, it may be helpful to reference them, especially if they are meeting many candidates for the role. "When you write a thank you letter (or don’t), you are demonstrating your follow-up skills and respect for the opportunity to interview. A follow up letter allows you to reiterate with thoughtful detail why you are a compelling fit for the role. If you met with several people, send them personalized emails. You can reuse a couple of the core elements, but take the time customize based on your conversations," shares Amy Rizzo, Manager Talent Acquisition at CDW.

When preparing for your interview, one of the most important pieces of advice is to

be yourself and believe in your achievements.

Confidence makes all the difference when you are looking to land the job. Hiring managers look for people who will make a positive impact on their team.

CDW Team

Congratulations! You submitted your application, and now you’ve got the interview. To succeed in the interviewing process...

Advice from CDW Women

March 20, 2019   |  

As part of our Together - The Power of Women in IT campaign, we asked CDW women: what advice would you share with women interested in or pursuing a career in technology? From coworkers in Sales to Integrated Technology Solutions to our Distribution Center, here’s what they had to share:

Don't be afraid to take chances. Being a female in technology and at CDW, we bring a lot of great ideas, thoughts and energy to the table. Don't be afraid to do so. It's an exciting industry and it's always changing.”

Kim Maziarka, Account Manager - SCC Partner

Be a bit bolder to ensure your voice is being heard. And if you're worried about not knowing everything or not being the subject matter expert in that particular field, everything is constantly changing and moving forward. There's always an opportunity for new people to come in and to pursue those fields and to become the experts in those areas.”

- Sarah Gallatin, Manager - Distribution Support

“Do not give up. Make sure you hold your ground, make your stance and follow through on what you say. People sometimes test women to see if they really will make it through or if they really do have the guts and the skills, but as long as you follow through on what you say, you will come out as a star and successful.”

- Parita Kanevskiy, Program Manager - Product & Partner Management

Jump right in. This field is one that is so exciting. It is changing every single day and it really impacts people's lives. Technology changes how organizations work with their customers. Technology changes how healthcare providers serve their patients. We’re impacting the way people live their lives. And to be able to be a part of an industry that's ever changing that has real impact is something that I find exciting. So, my advice is jump right in, find a great mentor and don't look back.”

- Katrina Williams, Director - Integrated Technology Solutions Capability

Embrace technology and its complexities with an open mind. Be ready to bring your curiosity and investment in time.“

- Charlotte Lewis, Senior Manager - Business Process Transformation Solutions 

Don’t underestimate what you can do and what impact you can have across your team and the organization. Our largest roadblocks are the perceptions we have of ourselves, and this affects our ability to achieve our goals. Be your biggest cheerleader!”

- Seli Cerda, Manager - DevOps Engineering

Surprise someone every day. This philosophy has been good to me, and earned me praise and respect from the people with whom I work.  Information Technology can be uniquely challenging in its unpredictability. So when I am working on a difficult problem and get to a point I just have to take a break, I will go on the hunt for a surprise project.  Maybe I will dig through my old emails and find something to follow up on, or maybe I'll take a few minutes to read an article that someone else shared with me, then give them feedback.  Or maybe I will follow up on a project that closed months prior just to make sure everything is still working as expected. I love to hear back from someone who wasn't expecting this check-in, but I love it even more when they mention some small thing that takes me just a few minutes to fix, so I can go back to my "roadblock" project feeling invincible.”

- Anne O’Day, Senior Systems Engineer

We are better together.

CDW is committed to diversity and inclusion and empowering women to pursue a career in technology. We believe in the power of people. When we collaborate together, we build stronger coworkers and better teams who deliver the best results. Learn more at


CDW Women

As part of our Together - The Power of Women in IT campaign, we asked CDW women: what advice would you share with women...

Here’s How to Find a Job You Wake Up Excited About, From a Woman Who’s Done It

March 1, 2019   |  

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 85 percent of Americans aren’t engaged at work. For most of us, finding a job we like — much less love — seems like an unrealistic dream. 

But Sho Shanker, Principal Consultant at CDW, has the kind of passion for her job that would make anyone jealous. She finds a genuine joy in staying up at night thinking about how to solve a problem, and she wakes up every morning excited to work with her supportive team. At CDW, she has managers who let her try on new roles, a business resource group for women that helps her develop her career, and (a lot of) time to read for pleasure (wait until you see her reading list!). 

Shanker shared how she’s not only thriving in her career — despite the all-too-common gender bias in the tech industry —  but how she stays happy while doing it. She also shared how she keeps her workday organized and relatively stress-free while giving us her best advice for women working toward their own career goals in an industry with a male majority. 

How long have you been in your current role, and what were you doing previously?
My first role out of college was Network Administrator. Six years ago, I started as a Consultant Engineer with CDW. From there, I progressed to become a Senior Engineer. Then, last year, I was made a Principal Consultant.

Tell me a bit about your current role. What are your priorities?
I’m a Principal Consultant. I design, implement and deliver Cisco Collaboration technologies. My focus is on video and adoption consulting. 

Problem-solving and technology are two of my strengths, so I’m genuinely thrilled that I get to apply one to improve the other at work every day. Another reason I’m thrilled to get out of bed every morning is our exceptionally brilliant Collaboration team. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in being a woman in tech?
Gender Bias. Most of the people I interact with are wonderful, logical and sensible. On occasion, I do come across someone who has a strong gender bias. It doesn’t matter what credentials I have or how sound my design is: In their minds, I am less credible. 

How has CDW been particularly supportive and helped you overcome this challenge? How is the sense of support you’ve felt reflective of CDW’s overall culture/policies?

By design, I’m an outspoken, confident, outgoing person. But specifically, within CDW, I have always felt fearless. 

CDW has several Business Resource Groups (BRGs), one of which is Women in Sales and Engineering (WISE). I’ve been an active participant since its inception. The value I get out of participating in the group is phenomenal as it consistently reinforces “The CDW Way,” our company’s code of conduct and business ethics. The piece of the code that resonates the most with me is, “We run our business with passion and integrity.” 

What initially drew you to CDW? And what’s one of the most amazing things about your workplace that you didn’t learn until working there?
I was working with a consultant from CDW. The technological expertise and skill sets that he had blew my mind away. I wanted to be part of an organization that supports my career goals, gives the right environment to thrive and, most of all, where I get to be with my fellow nerds! 

I didn’t realize how strong and powerful CDW is until I started working here. I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the multiple paths I could take, and the 360-degree encouragement I got. The most amazing thing though was to learn how approachable everyone is, regardless of their title.

How has CDW supported your career advancement?
First, there is a significant amount of autonomy (within reason) to pursue my career goals. While I was hired for collaboration, I was interested in routing and switching in the beginning. I recall my conversation with my then-manager. He encouraged me to work on collaboration and also dabble in route and switch, and assured me that if I felt as strongly 6 months later, I could switch. One week in, I knew he had made the right choice in hiring me for collaboration. He saw something before I did, but was willing to let me choose what really moved me.

Second, there are plenty of opportunities to sharpen the skills that relate to your core expertise.

A few years in, I realized that it was fascinating to work with video technologies. I was willing to put in the blood and sweat to become the SME (Subject Matter Expert). 

There is also a strong internal community. I’m part of a few unofficial study groups, home lab fanatics group, a coding group and certification spaces. No matter how you define career advancement, CDW has a way to work with you.

What are three things you make sure to do each workday before you disconnect?
I reflect on what went well and what is repeatable, take stock of what didn’t and think about how I can make that better tomorrow. I also review my Google Keep list to be better prepared for the next day. Sometimes, that means I get to lab something up overnight, other times I read up on white papers that particularly pique my interest. 

What’s something you’re especially good at in your job?
Creative problem solving and a genuine passion to make technology work for our customers are two of my strengths. I cannot put it in words how much satisfaction I get in those “Eureka!” moments of problem solving, or staying up all night to get a solution to do precisely what my customers want. It is a warm fuzzy feeling. I would probably do it even if I didn’t get paid to do it.

What about outside of work?
Over the course of time, I’ve realized that there are some things that move my soul. I’m into insane organization, meditation, yoga, spending quality time with my canine overlord, whipping up something delectable from simple ingredients, seeing the local community at the weekly farmer’s market, playing beach volleyball, and connecting with people. All simple things!

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?
In addition to reading technology blogs, I listen to Hidden Brain, Babbage, TED Talks, and Singularity.

On a personal front, I’m reading “A Crack in Creation” by Jennifer Doudna & Samuel Sternberg, “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, “Better than Before” by Gretchen Rubin and my favorites “Tao of Seneca” and “Enchiridion by Epictetus.”

What’s the one career move you’ve made that you’re most proud of?
I had to think about this one. I value every single decision that I have made, because it got me here. And here is an amazing place to be. 

Surprisingly, the one I’m most proud of is the time when I said “no” to an opportunity that seemed exciting and offered a better pay. I analyzed the opportunity and realized that it was not my path to happiness. I’m happy when I’m challenged, supported and given the space to grow — none of which would have come from that opportunity. Bonus: I learned how to say “no” when necessary.  

What’s the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve received?
The first thing that comes to my mind is something my sister said: “If you are not happy about something, change it.” 

That seems very simple, yet it is extremely powerful. When I’m not happy about the way I’m solving a problem, I ask for help. When I don’t feel happy about the work day, I find out what is making me unhappy and address it. If I find that I’m not happy about how I handled a situation, I prepare better the next time. 

What’s your #1 piece of advice for women who are pursuing careers in technology, or in other industries that tend to be dominated by men?
Whatever you do, give it all you got. Invest the time and effort to become the subject matter expert. Speak deliberately and show that you own your domain. Be fearless!

This article originally appeared on and is republished by CDW with permission.

Fairygodboss & Sho Shanker

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, 85 percent of Americans aren’t engaged at work. For most of us, finding a job we like —...

Women Say This Resource Group Helps Coworkers Elevate Their Careers

February 14, 2019   |  

Not everyone can say they work at a company that’s making strides to be a leader in empowering women. CDW coworkers are a rare exception, though. The company’s Women’s Opportunity Network (WON), a business resource group (BRG), is on a mission to help CDW foster an inclusive culture where women are actively engaged and can realize their fullest career potential. By providing resources and facilitating connections, WON is laser-focused on ensuring that women at CDW succeed, while also driving the company’s key business objectives.  

If you think this sounds too good to be true, we hear you. To get a sense of what this group actually looks like, and how they go about walking the talk, we checked in with WON’s Board of Directors. Christine Holloway, VP of Healthcare Sales and WON Executive Sponsor; Hilary Malina, Senior Counsel and WON Co-Chairwoman; and Tara Barbieri, Director of Capture and WON Co-Chairwoman filled us in on how WON is transforming women’s career experiences — and also shared their No. 1 piece of advice for job seekers.

How and why did you first get involved in CDW’s Women’s Opportunity Network?
Christine Holloway: I have a passion for the development and advancement of women in IT and at CDW. I was impressed with the level of commitment and investment from CDW’s executive leadership (both men and women) to this BRG, so I was confident that the time I was investing would be taken seriously and have an impact.

Tell me a bit about how the Business Resource Group (BRG) works.
Hilary Malina: WON is our largest BRG with a board of directors, executive committee sponsors, and six committees. We have five committees that focus on planning programs and events throughout the year, each with a different focus area and target audience, plus a logistics committee.

Our three goals for 2018 were to: 

  1. Provide development activities that impact professional and/or personal growth;
  2. Increase opportunity for connections with key influencers (internal or external); and
  3. Increase our impact on an overall inclusive culture at CDW and within our communities.

Events and programs vary over a broad range, and have included speaker panels, trainings on a variety of business topics, networking events, a business-focused book club, a quarterly newsletter, and charitable events. Between the committees and the board, we consistently run over 30 events and programs each year, including our signature event, our annual Women’s Summit providing a full day of professional development for approximately 200 coworkers each fall. Our committees are required to align each of their events and programs to one of our three strategic goals, so that they are producing maximum impact. 

What has WON accomplished that you’re most proud of?
Tara Barbieri: In 2018, we made a deliberate effort to partner with other BRGs at CDW and host combined events. Every other affinity group also includes women: African Heritage Network, MARC (military & allies), ABLE (focused on supporting differently abled coworkers), and so on. We saw this as a way to both support broader inclusion efforts throughout the organization and provide impactful content to women who aren’t necessarily members of WON.

What’s the #1 thing you think your colleagues should know — but probably don’t know — about CDW’s Women’s Opportunity Network
CH: The Women’s Opportunity Network drives results. There are numerous examples of women who have become better at their current job, better prepared for their next role and successfully earned that new position, and have remained CDW coworkers because of the value and relationships formed from being a part of WON. All of this makes CDW a stronger, more successful organization. Additionally, because of the investment made in WON and the results it drives, CDW has earned recognition for being a place that supports and promotes the advancement of all people, including women. 

What’s your #1 piece of advice for women who are looking for jobs right now?
CH: Consider positions that will broaden your experience and add value to an organization, not just those that are the next level up. Truly great leaders have a both broad and deep expertise. And when you’re interviewing for the position you want, make sure you speak about your accomplishments and the results you achieved in quantifiable terms. Leaders want to know that you can focus, prioritize and achieve measurable results.

HM: Don’t underestimate the power of creating and using your network when looking for a new job.

TB: With the unemployment rate being pretty low, job seekers these days might have more options and even multiple offers.  Before starting to interview, write down the elements of a role or company that are most important to you to avoid getting wowed by a cool perk that you hadn’t expected. Rate the companies and leaders you interview with on a scale so that when you’ve got more than one offer, your objectivity informs your eventual choice.

This article originally appeared on and is republished by CDW with permission.


Not everyone can say they work at a company that’s making strides to be a leader in empowering women. CDW coworkers are a...

BeU – Celebrating Black History Month at CDW

February 4, 2019   |  

Has there been a time when you felt that you couldn’t be yourself at work? A time when you felt that if you showed who you really were to people, they wouldn’t accept you? Well I have felt that way before, and I’ve heard from many others who have felt that way too. After some time, I am happy to say that I can be my authentic self at CDW. Throughout my career, I’ve learned that to build trusted relationships, people need to get to know the real you. When I started to open up and allow people to know who I am, I felt accepted and more comfortable in my environment. I realized, it’s ok to be different—that’s why it’s so important to celebrate diversity.

One of the ways we celebrate diversity at CDW is through our Business Resource Groups (BRGs). I am the Co-Chair of CDW’s Black Excellence Unlimited (BeU) BRG, which strives to create an environment where coworkers can confidently be themselves and be welcomed by others through coworker support and inclusion. BeU’s mission is to provide resources and development opportunities for CDW’s Black coworkers that enables them to achieve excellence and have a positive impact on our customers and community.

We want this group to be a reminder to everyone that it is ok to be your authentic self, both in and out of the workplace.

During Black History Month, BeU will host a variety of activities and events under the theme “The Excellence in You.” We want to create opportunities for our members that will help them bring out the excellence within as we celebrate the month’s significance and jumpstart 2019.  

We’ll kick off the month with events that showcase some of CDW’s Black leaders as they share their journeys to excellence and career success. Events throughout the month will be centered around professional and personal development, networking and celebration of our mission. Our signature event, “The Journey to Excellence,” will provide coworkers with the opportunity to learn about Black History Month, hear from our keynote speaker, Marc Morial, President of National Urban League, and exposure to CDW’s leadership.

While BeU is hosting several events to make an impact on our coworkers, we’ll also be impacting our communities by hosting a month-long book drive at several of our CDW locations across the U.S. Our goal is to collect over 1,000 coworker-donated books that will be given to under privileged children.

The Black History Month activities and events will be a great start to our year and set the tone for a successful 2019 – a year to grow, to make new connections, celebrate success, and feel confident in being your authentic self. With everything we do, we strive to create a community within CDW and help coworkers perform at the highest level in their roles. I’m excited for the future of BeU – the opportunities it will offer CDW’s Black coworkers and the commitment to diversity and inclusion it represents for all CDW coworkers.  

Don’t forget to BeU and be excellent today!

Get to know all of CDW’s Business Resource Groups and their missions here.

Qiana Nelson

Qiana is a Sales Manager at CDW, supporting the development of new sellers through our Residency Program. Qiana is also the Co-Chair of CDW’s Business Resource Group, Black Excellence Unlimited (BeU).

Has there been a time when you felt that you couldn’t be yourself at work? A time when you felt that if you showed who you...

Securing an Internship: Your Competitive Advantage

February 1, 2019   |  

Now is the time of year when you’re either evaluating internship offers, or just getting started in your search. Internship opportunities are extremely competitive, and for many students the process may seem more challenging than promising. Here are some reassuring steps to give you a competitive advantage.

 As recruiters, we are looking for students who are involved in activities outside of just going to classes: volunteering, sports, student organizations, Greek life, part time or full time jobs, all of which demonstrates your time management skills plus your drive and initiative.

Are you active on LinkedIn? With over 467 million members worldwide, it is one of the most popular social networks in terms of active users. Engage with connections to increase your visibility—you never know what connections can get you closer to that internship. Attend company events hosted at your university or college to make in-person connections with recruiters. Being able to put a face with a name will give you a competitive advantage. Make sure to follow up with the recruiter immediately after the career fair so that you can stay top of mind. Be sure to follow their advised steps when completing the application process.

Maybe you've made it to the interview process, but have no idea what to expect. While processes vary by company and industry, it is important to be familiar with behavioral based questions—those tell me about a time, specific questions— more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies use these questions to identify your future success if they were to present you with an offer. These questions require preparation and can best be answered utilizing the STAR method.

Selling yourself should be the easiest step in receiving an internship offer. As recruiters we are interested in your accomplishments, awards, your involvement, and most importantly what value you can bring to our company.

Stay positive and be confident in your abilities. Companies are looking for you just as much as you are looking for us.

Learn more about CDW's Summer Internship Program here

Melanie Parker

Melanie is a Campus Recruiter on our Talent Acquisition Team and supports our diversity efforts on campuses across the U.S.

Now is the time of year when you’re either evaluating internship offers, or just getting started in your search. Internship...

CDW Celebrates Inclusion #ABLE

January 31, 2019   |  

Recently, I attended the Unconscious Bias and Inclusion Practices in the Workplace event. This event was sponsored by the Alliance for Business Leading Equality (ABLE) which is a Business Resource Group here at CDW. Over 80 coworkers across various CDW locations met and took time to enjoy lunch and network before Lora Laverty, CDW Sr. Corporate Counsel and ABLE Co-Chair, opened the event.

Lora began the presentation with a recent story where she learned a personal lesson – was it because of a bias she wasn’t aware of? That was the reason we were all there. This drew in the crowd. Lora then introduced the main speaker, Stephen Cornejo of Allstate, who began the main presentation. Stephen discussed how to recognize social stereotypes about people outside of our own conscious awareness. He went on to talk about how we need to be aware of our own biases and walked us through the “cognitive illusions” going on in our brains. 

We broke into small groups for discussion on personal experiences with bias – either a good or bad assumption made about you or an incorrect assumption you made about another person. As a large group, some coworkers then shared their examples. One coworker shared how she was asked where she was from and when she responded “Greenwich,” her professor assumed she had come from money and made a comment about this. Not everyone from Greenwich, CT is from money and this assumption made the coworker feel both frustrated and uncomfortable.

I learned a lot during this event and hope other attendees did too. The takeaways from this event were: 1) recognize our biases and when we are most susceptible to unconscious bias and 2) actively work to interrupt them. 

Sometimes we need to stop and think about things just a moment longer or challenge ourselves as to what we are really thinking to make the right decisions.

I look forward to learning more about #ABLE and the events they will be doing to celebrate inclusion here at CDW. #inclusion #unconsciousbias

Ericca Glasgow

Ericca is a Manager, Enterprise Information Management at CDW and a member of our Business Resource Group, ABLE.

Recently, I attended the Unconscious Bias and Inclusion Practices in the Workplace event. This event was sponsored by the...

Networking: Developing Your Own Coalition of Professional Allies

January 31, 2019   |  

When you think about networking, what first comes to mind? An “icky” networking event, working the room, perhaps even a used car salesperson? It’s these images of networking that can drive people to avoid it all together. This would be a great mistake for you and your career! There is no question that developing a network is extremely important to professional success. Merriam-Webster defines networking as “the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.”  But how do you cultivate productive relationships that will help your career? First, don’t think about it in traditional terms. You must think more expansively and find a way to make it your own. Some phases to think about:

Identify your network

Everyone has a network. Think broadly. Your network not only consists of business colleagues from your current job and past positions, it also includes family members, people from the neighborhood, people from school, etc. Take a few minutes and write down the top 5-10 people that you most like, most connect with, that could most help you professionally. This exercise can help you to identify some people who you should reach out to for lunch or coffee to strengthen your relationships, and prevent them from going dormant.  Most importantly, think about what you have to offer them -- as networking, when done right, is about connecting with people you like, that you can help that can help you, too. 

Build your network

It is critically important to build both internal and external networks of people who can help you, advise you, and advocate for you within the workplace.  Here are a few thoughts on how to accomplish this:

  • Do your homework and figure out who would be good people to talk with and learn from, based on your interests – both personal and professional.
  • Think about your primary motivation for networking – To support your company? Help your clients? Share your expertise?
  • Be open to chatting with new people at events and parties. Try not to only talk with the people you already know. Expand your network to new people – you never know where it might lead.
  • Think about what you can offer to the people you meet -- Expertise? Advice? Time? Friendship? Your connections?  A different perspective?
  • Focus on learning – show interest in others and their work/interests.
  • Don’t worry if you feel “awkward” – as this is how most people feel when networking with new people. But the more you do it, the more comfortable it becomes.  And once you’ve met someone and spoken with them, the next time you meet, the awkwardness either doesn’t exist or goes away quickly – so you just need to get over that initial hurdle.
  • Whether people like you often depends upon whether they think you like them.  It is important to be genuine – not fake. The easiest way to be likeable is to be curious – learn about others, ask questions.
  • Don’t be the person who is known only to call someone when you need something.  True relationships are not built on what YOU need -- they are reciprocal, with both parties getting something out of it.

Use your network

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to use the network you have. While the hire decision ultimately should be based on qualitifications, hiring managers appreciate input from someone they trust, and may be more apt to consider those candidates before looking at the resumes of unknown strangers. It turns out, according to research done by LinkedIn, that it’s weaker connections that lead to job connections, so keep this in mind – you never know where that opportunity will come from. 

When I think about my 20+ year career, many of my job interviews happened after someone I knew referred me to the hiring manager. In one case early in my career (pre-CDW), when I sent my resume initially, I did not get a call back – but when that same resume was sent by a family friend that was a trusted colleague of the hiring manager, I got an interview and ultimately the job.  It didn’t get me the job, it just made sure I was seen and considered.

This advice does not just apply to new roles – it also applies to new experiences and assignments.

If there’s a new skill you want to learn, a department you want to shadow, a project you want to join, or a technology you are curious about – use your network to find someone to help you get that experience.

If the request is reasonable, rarely will you be told “no” when you ask someone else for help. It’s human nature to want to help others, and often it’s flattering to be asked to teach someone about your area of expertise.  

Networking is really just meeting new people and being open to new points of view – so get out there and get networking!

Hilary Malina

Hilary is a Senior Counsel at CDW and Chair of our Business Resource Group, Women's Opportunity Network.

When you think about networking, what first comes to mind? An “icky” networking event, working the room, perhaps even a...

Learning to Lead at CDW Tampa

January 31, 2019   |  

Tampa, a cozy metropolis where our office is settled thirty seven floors up from the ground with nothing but grand expectations. From humble beginnings at our office’s launch in 2011, I feel tremendously grateful for the personal and career development that changed my life and led me into leadership at CDW. 

I wasn’t always a Sales Manager. In fact, when I started at CDW in 2011, I only was excited to begin a career that would ultimately help pay off my student loans. Little did I know, that the foundation of CDW’s decades of success, infused with the culture of our Tampa team, created a home that I truly saw myself growing into.

That growth was attributed to the commitment of my Sales Manager and Sales Director who poured coaching, feedback, and encouragement into our team.

Their ability to get the best out of others and remain down to earth, caring leaders inspired myself and a number of my peers to pursue paths into sales management.

I loved our strategy sessions and their guidance while visiting customers in market. I loved the fun energy they brought to the office every day. I loved their eagerness to know what was important to me, and achieve my goals in and out of the office. The passion they had for their roles and their people sparked a new desire for my career path.

As a Sales Manager now, my favorite part in the role today is that moment when our Account Managers recognize their potential within our company; limitless. This occurs at different stages for each seller, and I love the responsibility to cultivate that attitude throughout its fruition. Working with them side-by-side to develop their skill set and build customer relationships is so rewarding. I love seeing the progression when Account Managers start working with clients for the first time through trust-building engagement, to become strategic advisers who influence the direction of organizations we know and purchases from ourselves.

While my time in Chicago carries on full steam ahead, knowing Tampa is searching for their next leader makes me eager for what lies ahead. There is such a positive power in that place where the next leader will get to have an influential impact on so many for years to come. We set the bar high when we moved thirty seven floors up, creating a line of sight over the state to capture Florida and beyond. Who else will rise up to the challenge?

Go for IT. Explore careers with CDW.

Alex Miles

Alex is a Sales Manager at CDW and leads a team of Account Managers to grow their business and solve our customers IT challenges.

Tampa, a cozy metropolis where our office is settled thirty seven floors up from the ground with nothing but grand...

The Culture of Connecting Coworkers at CDW

January 31, 2019   |  

My first exposure to cultural awareness began 20 years ago when my family and I moved from ethnically diverse Orange County, California to a small town in central Indiana. It was where the question, "where are you from?" didn't refer to where I had just moved from but referred to my ethnicity. For the first time, I realized I was culturally different--it showed--and mattered.

I graduated from a private high school with a class of 68 students, 2 of whom were Black and I was the only Asian who wasn't a foreign exchange student. When I went to college at Purdue, I had the opportunity to become involved with other Asian students that had similar experiences as I. And at that point, I was able to celebrate what had, until then, been differences--and it changed my college experience.

When it came time to find an employer, one of my needs was to find a company that had a strong culture of celebrating peoples of different backgrounds, which are represented across eight different Business Resource Groups (BRGs) at CDW.

I currently serve as the Chair for CDW's Pan-Asian BRG where 200+ members are enabled and supported to grow their careers and recognize Asian culture--May is the month celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage all across the U.S. and CDW celebrates throughout the month and into June through our work with the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) and other local corporations and non-profits. I’m so proud of our Asian Coworkers who’ve used our BRGs as a platform to lean into their careers and to CDW for making room at the table! 

Now when I meet new people at events and I'm asked, "where are you from?" I say, "I'm from CDW!"

Above is a vendor partner of Vietnamese heritage that celebrated Lunar New Year in our offices with a product demo

Above is the annual Dragon Boat race that CDW's Pan Asian Council participates in with other Chicago-area Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and BRGs

Kim Hangoc

Kim is a Strategic Sales Tools Analyst at CDW and Chair of our Business Resource Group, Pan Asian Council.

My first exposure to cultural awareness began 20 years ago when my family and I moved from ethnically diverse Orange...

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